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SemiStar Corp.

SemiStar Corp.  is locate in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are composed of people with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry. Based on our professional skills and experience, we deliver total solutions for our customers and partners to achieve their goals and objectives.

SemiStar Corp.  specializes in supporting semiconductor equipment & components and also provide business development, marketing strategies, technical solutions for manufacturers in Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Hybrid industries.SemiStar Corp. has been professionally providing high-tech semiconductor equipment, services and technical support in Semiconductor industry, MEMS, Biomedical, Nanotechnology, Solar, LEDs etc. We endeavor to be a leader in our product lines. To achieve this, we have been providing unique innovative and cost-effective technical solution, high quality equipment and on time spare parts delivery worldwide. We have maintained a global presence that has grown and expanded into the major high-tech manufacturing areas of the world. We pride ourselves on developing and continuing lasting customer and client relationships.

Our passion and willingness maximizes our customers’ satisfaction and pursue mutual growth.

On Sale Semiconductor Equipment in Stock

  1. STS Multiplex DRIE Tool (Bosch Process) 1 set (ICP)—New Arrival
  2. STS Multiplex ICP Bosch Process 1 set ICP—New Arrival
  3. STS MESC Multiplex ICP SN:17343 1 set (ICP)—New Arrival
  4. Multiplex ICP MACS Bosch Process 1 set (ICP)—New Arrival
  5. STS multi-chamber Cluster  1 set (ICP)—New Arrival
  6. STS Mutiplex Cluster Three Chambers 1 set (ICP)
  7. STS Mutiplex ICP      1set (ICP)
  8. Tegal 903e plasma dry etch 1 set         (Plasma Etch/RIE)
  9. Tegal 903e plasma dry etch 1 set         (Plasma Etch/RIE)
  10. Tegal 903e plasma dry etch 1 set         (Plasma Etch/RIE)
  11. Tegal 903e plasma dry etch 1 set         (Plasma Etch/RIE)
  12. Tegal 903e plasma dry etch 1 set         (Plasma Etch/RIE)
  13. Tegal 903e plasma dry etch 1 set         (Plasma Etch/RIE)
  14. Branson IPC 3000 1 set          (Plasma Asher/Descum)—New Arrival
  15. Branson IPC 3000 1 set          (Plasma Asher/Descum)—New Arrival
  16. Branson IPC 3000 1 set          (Plasma Asher/Descum)
  17. Matrix 105 1 set          (Plasma Asher/Descum)

    Sputtering System

    New Equipment

  18. Matrix 205 1 set          (Plasma Asher/Descum)
  19. Matrix Bobcat 209S 1 set          (Microwave Plasma Asher/Descum)
  20. Matrix Bobcat 209S 1 set          (Microwave Plasma Asher/Descum)
  21. Gasonics L3510 1 set           (Microwave Plasma Asher/Descum)—New Arrival
  22. Gasonics L3500 1 set          (Microwave Plasma Asher/Descum)—New Arrival
  23. System One Etcher Matrix 302 Plasma Etcher 1 set          (Plasma Etch)
  24. Matrix System One Stripper Matrix 103 1 set        (Plasma Etch)
  25. Matrix System One Stripper 1 set         (Plasma Asher/Descum)
  26. Matrix 303 Plasma Etcher 1 set        (Plasma Etch)
  27.  Lam AutoEtch 590 1 set         (Plasma Etch)—New Arrival
  28. Lam Auto Etch 590 1 set        (Plasma Etch)
  29. Plasma Therm 700: 1set (PECVD+Plasma Etch)
  30. Plasmatherm SLR 720 RIE Etcher (RIE)
  31. AMP-3300 :               1 set (PECVD)
  32. Heatpulse 8108        4 sets (RTP)
  33. Heatpulse 4108        4 sets (RTP)
  34. Heatpulse 610          2 sets (RTP)
  35. Mini-Pulse 310           1 set (RTP)
  36. Heatpulse 610             1 set(RTP)
  37. RTP-3000     1 set    (RTP)
  38. Edwards QDP80 + QMB500:       1 set  (Pump)
  39. Fisher Scientific Chiller 1set Chiller
  40. PolyScience 9102A Chiller 1 set Chiller
  41. PolyScience 9105 Chiller 1 set Chiller
  42. NESLAB SYSTEM II:        2 sets(Chiller)
  43. Neslab CFT-25 Recirculator 1 set Chiller
  44. Neslab RTE-110 Chiller 1 set Chiller
  45. Thermo Fisher Scientific Chiller 1 set Chiller
  46. Thermo Fisher Scientific Neslab 7 1 set Chiller
  47. ThermoRack 10-R6AF-3G30-10-S2:     1set (Chiller)
  48. EG 1034:  11 sets were refurbished,like new and 7 sets are used not test. (Probe)
  49. EG4085: It is complete, working condition,  tested. (Probe)
  50. Olympus MX50A-F with Al100-L6         1 set ( Metrology)
  51. HP 4062 and other tester instruments: 6 sets. Will fully test before shipping. (Tester)

Subject to prior sale without notice.



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