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STS ICP Multiplex

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Surface Technology Systems STS Multiplex ICP Plasma Etcher


  • System Type:Multiplex ICP
  • Wafer Size: 4 inch. Can be upgraded for 5″,6″,8″ at refurbished condition.
  • Chuck: E-chuck
  • STS Main Etch chamber(72” L x 24” W x 48” H): ASE
  • Type of loadlock:Single Wafer Loadlock
  • RF Power Chart(32” L x 24” W x 40” H): ENI ACG-3 and ENI ACG-10B
  • Low electrode Chiller ( 32” L x 24” W x 32” H): Neslab CFT-75
  • Electronics Rack Location:Standard layout proposed
  • Pumps and pumping lines: leybold Turbo Pump
  • Chamber Backing Pump:N/A
  • Loadlock Pump:N/A
  • Computer and monitor
  • STS remote gas cabinet (32” L x 13” W x 60” H), Air cannister (12” L x 12” W x 24” H) & accessories. 5 gas lines with 4 of MFCs including Cl2 at refurbished condition.

**********  Used. Great Condition.

Valid : It is only for end users and is subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

Condition: We sell it at AS IS or complete, working, functional test at extra cost.

Photos: Please contact us.

Info on the system from the owner for your reference.

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