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SScarrier® PN SS12-8-1A

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We will offer you the best solution at the least cost for any Silicon Wafer With Pockets. Our extensive Knowledge base with our local sales engineers averaging over 25 years experience allow us to assist in developing a custom solution for your unique Silicon Wafer With Pockets requirements. Please contact us and advise how we can help! We provide custom designs to meet your specific semiconductor Silicon Wafer With Pockets size and shape requirements.

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  1. Brand: SScarrier ®
  2. Part Number: SS12-8-1 Version A
  3. Wafer Size: 12 inch
  4. Wafer Diameter: 300+/-.2mm
  5. Wafer Thickness: 775+/-20um
  6. Pocket Size: 8 inch
  7. Pocket Depth: 200-250um
  8. Pocket Fine Ground Finish and Flatness : +/-0.001 inch

Photo is only for your reference. Price term is is EXWORKs. Lead time is 2 to 4 weeks if backorder. Pls provide your FEDEX/UPS account with shipping info in detail for shipping arrangement.

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