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Lam 4420 Rainbow

Lam Rainbow 4420


Model:Lam Rainbow 4420

Category:  Plasma Etch

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Lam Research

Condition:  Good Condition,. Sell it at (1) AS IS; (2) Complete,working, fully tested, (3) Refurbished  with installation and warranty conditions at different prices

Quantity: 1 set

Wafer Size: 8-inch

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Lead Time: 10 to 20 weeks for refurbished condition and 4 to 12 weeks for complete, working, functional test condition

Location: Morgan Hill,CA95037

Warranty: 7 months non-consumable parts warranty after shipping for refurbished condition.

Refund: N/A

Inspection: Yes

Vacuum Pump: Not included. No warranty

Chiller and RF: Included. No warranty

Description and Key Features:

Currently configured for 200mm wafer sizes MFG Date: 1993
Last PM: 11/11/2016
Install Type: Thru-the-wall (TTW)
Status Lamp
System software (App): Envision ver1.5.1
SECS I Interface
Cassette Interface: (2) Hine 38F indexers Electrostatic Chuck (ESC)
Endpoint Detection: Monochromator 405nm / 520nm Turbo: Seiko Seiki STP H200C
RF Match Type: LAM
On-board RF Generators: No
RF Generator: ENI OEM-650A
RF Hours: 402056
Remote RF Cart: No
ATM Passivation Module: No
Plasma LLK (PLL): No
High Conductance Manifold: No
Gas Box:

Remote gas Box: No

Orbitally welded GB: Yes

Backside cooling MFC: Unit 1250A


#1: N2, 200 sccm, Unit 1200A
#2: CHF3, 50 sccm, Unit 1200A

#3: N2, 300 sccm, Aera
#4: N2, 500 sccm, Unit UFC 1660

#5: CF4, 150 sccm, Unit 1200A

#6: SF6, 150 sccm, Unit 1200A

#7: He, 1 slm, Unit UFC 1660
#8: O2, 200 sccm, Unit UFC 1660


Heated pumping manifolds: No

Pump controller: iQ Series Entrance /

Exit: Edwards iQDP-40

Main: Edwards iQDP-80

Chiller(s): (2) SMC HRS018-WN-20-M
On-board AC Distribution type: Fused

Power requirements: 208VAC, 3-Phase, 5-Wire


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MSP-AS IS-220000-CWF-260000-RC-330000

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