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STS / CPX Multiplex Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) system

Vacuum load-lock: Manual

Load-lock / Process chamber: Automatic transfer

Loader substrates: Up to 200 mm diameter

Chuck: 100 mm diameter

Load lock: MK4 Single wafer load lock

Dual frequency:

High frequency PECVD

Low frequency PECVD

RF Generator: 187.5 kHz, 375kHz

Remote gas box




Operating system: Windows 2000

Affinity chiller

EDWARDS IH600 Vacuum pump: Chamber

VARIAN SH-100 Vacuum pump: Load lock

Operation manuals

Electrical drawings

Auxiliary equipment manuals

Deposit silicon dioxide (SiO2)

Silicon nitride (Si3N4)

Silicon carbide (SiC)

Gas box (Process gases):

SiH4-Ar (Silane-Ar), 100 sccm

NH3 (Ammonia), 500 sccm

N2O, 5000 sccm

N2, 5000 sccm

CF4, 1000 sccm

O2, 500 sccm

Ar, 1000 sccm

C2H2, 1000 sccm

(2) Purge lines: Silane / CH43.

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  • OEM-00-PECVD-1

The trademarks of the equipment and parts contained in this website belonged to the Original Equipment Manufacturers