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Multiplex ICP HRM

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STS / SPTS  Multiplex ICP HRM Etcher

  • EtcherProcess: MEMS-CMOS
  • Temperature: -20-100°C
  • Substrate: Small piece
  • Process pressure: 5-80 mTORR
  • Gases: SF6, C4F8, Ar, O2, C2
  • HBC with ESC
  • Masks: SiO2, SixNy
  • Materials used: Si, SOI wafers
  • Coil: 3000 W 13.56 MHz (ADVANCED ENERGY)
  • HF: 500 W, 13.56 MHz (ENI)
  • LF: 500 W, 380 KHz (ADVANCED ENERGY LF-5).

Condition: Used. We sell it at AS IS or complete, working, functional test .

Valid : It is only for end users and is subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

SemiStar Corp. may provide certain information related to equipment offered for sale. Any and all such information is unverified and, therefore,  supplied for information purposes only without guarantees or warranties of any kind. This picture is representative of the STS available

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OEM-32 / SS380

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