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Gasonics L3510


Model: Gasonics L3510 Asher  semiconductor process equipment

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Category:  Plasma Asher Plasma Descum

Original Equipment ManufacturerGasonics

Condition and Warranty: We sell it at refurbished and upgraded with 12 months warranty.

Wafer Size: 8 inch configuration. Can be for 4, 5,6 if necessary.

Process Gasses:  O2 and N2

Lead Time: 12 -16 weeks

Quantity: 6 sets available on April 2nd, 2024 ID-SS7464-2024-4


Gasonics L3510  plasma Asher  semiconductor equipment General Description for reference only

The Gasonics L3510 plasma system is designed for ashing and cleaning semiconductor wafers. Gasonics L3510 does this by creating monatomic oxygen, the active specie, which chemically reacts with the photoresist on the surface of the wafer.
The Gasonics L3510 system is composed of two main components:
(1)The process sub-system The process sub-system includes the controller, the microwave generator, the gas flow control, the cassette platform, and the robot assembly.
(2)he vacuum pump The vacuum pump is normally located in an adjacent equipment room separate from the main system. The pump should be kept running continuously.

Gasonics L3510 Sequence of Steps in Plasma Ashing
The following is a typical process sequence in the Run (automatic) mode:
· The robot arm takes a wafer from the cassette and places it on the quartz pins in the plasma chamber.
· The door closes to seal the chamber, the vacuum valve opens, and the chamber is pumped down to a preset pressure.
· The quartz pins can lower the wafer onto the platen for heating, or raise it above the platen. In addition, the wafer can be heated by a variable-intensity
halogen lamp located above the process chamber.

· Process gases are introduced into the evacuated chamber while operating pressure is achieved and maintained by a closed-loop pressure control system.

· The wafer can be heated by the platen during processing. If additional wafer heating is required, the heat lamp can be turned on for a programmable time.

· Microwave power turns on and ignites a plasma in the plasma reactor chamber. This ignition is aided by a UV lamp in the plasma generation cavity.

· The plasma generates atomic oxygen molecules, which flow from the plasma reactor chamber to the process chamber, then across the surface of the wafer,
where they react with the photoresist molecules. Processing is ended by turning off the microwave power and the gas flows. This can be triggered either by an end of process (EOP) sensor or when a pre-programmed amount of time has passed.

· If low-particulate processing is desired, the system purges slowly to 10 Torr, then purges quickly to atmospheric pressure before the door opens.

· When processing is complete, the quartz pins raise the ashed wafer, allowing the robot arm to retrieve it and return it to the cassette.

· If a cooling time has been requested, the wafer is placed on the cooling station.

· While the wafer is cooling, the robot arm takes the next wafer and moves it to the process chamber, repeating the cycle. When the first wafer has cooled, it is returned to its original cassette slot.

The item is subject to prior sale without notice. The Item is only for end user.

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