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Varian 3120 E-Beam


Please contact us for the availability of the Varian 3120 Electron Beam Evaporator. The items are subject to prior sale without notice. The items are only for end users.

Varian 3120 Electron Beam Evaporator with Bell Jar, Model 980-2461-B, Serial Number 76848-2/4, With Airco Temescal Power Supply, (1) Airco Tenscal Controller CV-8, Inficon IC 6000, Varian 843 Ionization Gauge, Varian Procress Control 980-6100

Four pocket with electron beam gun

Facility Requirements for reference for project SS2019-16:

  1. Electrical requirements :AC 208V, 3 Phases, 100A, 50/60Hz, 5-wire with active neutral and equipment ground, Tolerable voltage +/-5%
  2. Water cooling requirements : Filtered 3.5 gpm at 50 psig inlet pressure at 60 to 80F. Chiller or PCW (Plant cooling water)
  3. CDA and Nitrogen requirements: CDA:~ 25 cfm at 60 to 125 psig inlet pressure, filtered and dried. N2 for purge:~ 10cfm 30psi.
  4. No wheel on the main unit, wheels on the other modules.
  5. LN cooling:1.5gallons
  6. Square footage of a footprint of each component of the system :
  • Main Frame with chamber:38″(W) X45″(D)X110″(H)
  • DC Power: 30″(W)X40″(D)X28″(H), ~5 feet to Main Frame, 2 feet to Dry Pump. Gray Area
  • Control Cabinet : 22″(W)X27″(D)X80″(H),2 feet to Main Frame
  • Dry Pump: 16″(D)X38″(D)X22″(H) for reference. AS10. 2 to 3 feet to Main Frame. Gray Area.

Some comments on the facility requirements:

  • CV8 power supply: 8KW, which requires 50A for the full load. Diffusion pump: 5KW, which requires 30A. Main unit: requires 20A. Power distribution box is used for split AC power supply to the major units. So, if you want to split AC power, at least two 30A and one 20A are required. And ebeam power only can run about 50-60% of full load.
  • For the cooling water, a chiller is also good as a facility supply. 3.5 GPM flow can be used to select the module of the chiller.

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