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Cascade PS-21


Cascade Microtech PS-21 Probe Station. CASCADE PARAMETRIC SERIES PS21 / MICROTECH AUTO PROBER. Up to 8 inch.

Quantity: 3 sets.

Basic Info: Equipe Tech. ATM105 Robot or equivalent w/ Prealigner & Controller, Robot Model: ATM105-1-S, To Include: Equipe PRE-4394 or equivalent Prealigner, Equipe Controller, Cascade Microtech PS-21 Probe Station

Valid : It is only for end users and is subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

Location: Morgan Hill,CA USA.

Condition: Used. We can sell them at AS IS or complete, working, functional test. Inspection is available against appointment.

SemiStar Corp. may provide certain information related to equipment offered for sale. Any and all such information is unverified and, therefore,  supplied for information purposes only without guarantees or warranties of any kind. This picture is representative of the STS available.

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OEM-8, OEM-9, OEM-5

Segment by Type: Manual Probe Station Semi Auto Probe Station Auto Probe Station ; Segment by Application :IDMs OSAT Research Institute Others; Vendors of Probe Card : Celadon Systems, Inc. FormFactor Semi-Probes, Inc Micronics MPI Corp FEINMETALL GmbH Technoprobe Probe Technology UK FICT LIMITED Translarity ProbeLogic STAr Technologies Alpha Probes CHPT Jenoptik BE Precision Technology Leeno Industrial Inc Will Technology MaxOne SV Probe Vendors for probers for your reference. Tokyo Seimitsu Tokyo Electron Semics Shen Zhen Sidea FitTech FormFactor MPI Semishare Electronic MarTek (Electroglas) MicroXact Wentworth Laboratories SemiProbe ESDEMC Technology Ceramic Substrate for Probe Card :Maruwa Kyocera LEATEC Fine Ceramics Nikko CoorsTek KOA Corporation Nippon Carbide Industries TA-I Technology YOKOWO Rogers Corporation Ecocera Toshiba Materials ICP TECHNOLOGY NEO Tech Holy Stone Enterprise Chaozhou Three-Circle DongGuan Kechenda Electronics Technology Hebei Sinopack Electronic Technology KCC Corporation Ferrotec Heraeus NGK CeramTec GmbH Tokyo Seimitsu Tokyo Electron Semics Fittech Shen Zhen Sidea FormFactor Semishare MPI Micronics Japan Lake Shore Cryotronics Everbeing Int’l MarTek (Electroglas) Micromanipulator Signatone HiSOL KeyFactor Systems Wentworth Laboratories APOLLOWAVE SemiProbe MicroXact KeithLink Technology Ecopia Shenzhen Cindbest Technology ESDEMC Technology Tokyo Electron Tokyo Seimitsu Fittech Semics Shen Zhen Sidea Semiconductor Probe Station

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