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MRC 8671 Sputtering


 MRC Materials Research Corp. 8671 RF Sputtering Vacuum Chamber ,  MRC 8671

MRC 8671 Sputtering / Sputter System, To Include: CTI-Cryogenics Cryo-Torr 8 High Vacuum Pump

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Location: Morgan Hill,CA95037 USA

Condition: We sell it at AS IS WHERE IS.

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Quorum Technologies, MiniQS, The Q Plus Series, MiniQS Entry-Level Coater, Q150V Plus for ultra-fine coatings in high vacuum applications, Q150R Plus – Rotary Pumped Coater, Q150T Plus – Turbomolecular pumped coater, Q150 GB Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater / Carbon Coater for Glove Box, Q300T T Plus – triple target sputter coater for specimens up to 200mm diameter, Q300T D Plus – dual target sequential sputtering for specimens up to 150 mm diameter, GloQube® Plus Glow Discharge System for TEM Grids and surface modification, MiniQ GD Single Chamber Glow Discharge System


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