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2006 OXFORD Plasmalab 100 RIE (FL) Reactive Ion Etcher

Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
OXFORD Plasmalab 100 RIE (FL) For Sale
Model Year : 2006
Quantity : 1
SN: 94-417795
Condition : Refurbished with OEM specifications ,crating, warranty, installation if necessary. Customer is responsible for chiller, pump and facility.
Lead time: 12-16 weeks after payment.
Availability : Subject to prior sale without notice.
  • Supports wafer sizes up to 300mm (330mm Platen)
  • RIE set up for SiO2 Etch
  • RF Generator : Advanced Energy RFX 600A ; 600W, 13.56MHz,
  • Chamber Turbo Pump : Alcatel ATH 400M w/ ACT 600M controller
  • Blue color PLC type
  • Water cooled electrode 10C-80C
  • Gas pod with 6 lines including following MFCs: Ar – 100sccm N2 – 200sccm CHF3 – 200sccm NF3 – 200sccm N2O – 200sccm
  • Windows PC , user friendly interface
  • Lauda WK 1200 Chiller was utilized by previous user. Not included.

This tool was removed from production October 2014.

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