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MRC 603 693 TES


Materials Research Corporation MRC 693 TES-600 sputtering system

OEM: Materials Research Corporation (TES)

Model: MRC 693  MRC 603 (TES-600)    Video on Youtube

Location:380 Tennant Ave, Suite 7, CA, U.S.A.

MRC 693 Rebuilt as a TES-600 Fast Cycle Load Lock Sputtering System, Completely Rebuilt by TES (Technical Engineering Services), New Software and Planar Flat Screen Monitor, Advanced Energy Pinnacle II DC Power Supply, GE Fanuc System Automation COntrol Software and Hardware, Also includes RF Power Supply and Matching Network
Depending on customer budget, we sell it at (1) AS IS; (2) Complete, working, functional test; (3) Refurbished with OEM specification with installation.
The following info from OEM (TES) is only for your reference.
TES 600 series & TES 900 series load lock sputtering systems (MRC 600/900)
The TES-600 (horizontal process) & TES-900 (vertical process) series sputtering systems offer a fast cycle, dual level load lock capable of exchanging a completed 12” x 12” pallet load of substrates with a new pallet load allowing continuous operation. The pallet of substrates travels in a linear motion in front of up to three 5” x 15” magnetron cathodes. With the pallet scanning in front of the rectangular cathode the substrate deposition uniformity of +/-5% is achievable and target utilization is excellent. RF etch and substrate heating are in the process chamber.
To build the most reliable thin film equipment we incorporate GE Fanuc system automation control software and hardware. The system automation package allows the process engineer to develop a complex recipe. Once the recipe has been developed an operator can load the substrates and press start. The system software will run a repeatable process every time.
The fast cycle load lock eliminates the need to vent the process chamber to load substrates thereby reducing the pump down time along with reducing contamination of targets and interior chamber surfaces. Typically the TES-600 & 900 series sputtering systems will be able to automatically transfer the substrates from atmosphere to the process chamber and achieve a base pressure of 9 x 10-7 torr in less than seven minutes. 

The  following are  only for end user. Please contact us if you have any questions. Subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

1 11″ Ti Titanium Sputtering Targets
4 LAM / MRC Materials Research CORP. DC SPUTTER CONTROL PCB, P/N 880-71-000 REV G
Material Research Corporation MRC 603-III 3-Target Side Sputtering Chamber
6 Material Research Corporation MRC 603-III 3-Target Side Sputtering Chamber
7 Material Research Corporation Ni Mz Nickel Magnesium Sputtering Target
8 Material Research Corporation VP Vanadium Sputtering Target
9 Materials Research Corp 20-554F-AL107-1000 MRC 11″ SPUTTERING TARGET
10 Materials Research Corp MRC (Tosoh-Varian) VP Delta Al/Si Sputter Target NOS
11 MRC 11″ Screw Eclpise Sputtering Target Al/Cu 1,5%
12 MRC 11″D Screw Eclpise Sputtering Target Al/Si 1%
13 MRC 20-555B-NB000-9000 NIOBIUM 99.8 RMX12 ASSY Sputtering Target Plate
14 MRC 5″ Stainless Steel ZINC Backing Plate, 808-03-005 Sputtering Target
15 MRC 500354-00 Belt, Timing .5W X15 Long Sputtering Tool
16 MRC 500665-00 Pin, Arm First, Sputtering Tool
17 MRC 500670-00 Bearing, Thrust Sputtering Tool
18 MRC 500676-00 Bearing Sputtering Tool
19 MRC 500679-00 Heater Cartridge 500W Sputtering Tool
20 MRC 500680-00 Heater Cartridge 100W Sputtering Tool
21 MRC 500681-00 Thermostat, Tempswitch Sputtering Tool
MRC 500691-00 Standoff, Vented Sputtering Tool
23 MRC 500737-00 Bearing, Arm (Elbow) Sputtering Tool
24 MRC 6 5/16″OD Ti/W Sputtering Target, NEW!!
25 MRC 808-88-100 NI/FE19% Mounted 6″ x 0.25″ TH Sputtering Target
26 MRC 828-04-200 VP Nickel 15″ x 4.75″ x 0.25″ Sputtering Target
MRC 902 Sputtering System, 2 Targets
28 MRC A114265 Quad 1000 RF Deck Sputter Power Supply 3500 VDC Rev. E
29 MRC Chi Sputter target: Al/Si 99/1 wt%, new, vacuum sealed
30 MRC CHI Sputtering Target Set Al/1SI/0.5Cu
31 MRC CHI Sputtering Target Set Al/Cu/Si VP Grade
32 MRC Materials Research A120024 Sputtering System Remote Stand Eclipse Star
33 MRC Materials Research A120024 Table Top Sputtering System Remote Eclipse
34 MRC Materials Research Corp A120024 Sputtering System Remote Stand Rev. B
35 MRC Materials Research Corp A120024 Sputtering System Remote Stand Rev. C
36 MRC Materials Research Corp. 900 In-Line Sputtering Systems Info Manual 1981
37 MRC Sputtering Conmag Target. AL / SI 30PPM for Varian 3180
38 MRC Sputtering Target #20-551C-AL235-3000 ~ AL/.5CU/1.2SI For S-Gun
39 MRC Sputtering Target #H46-0775-70915-04 ~ AL/.5CU/1.2SI For S-Gun
41 MRC Sputtering Target. Al/30ppmSi. CCH CONICAL 1 TGT. for Varian 3180
42 MRC UNK VP Chromium 15″ x 4.75″ x 0.25″ Sputtering Target
43 PRAXAIR MRC 20-555B-MO000-300 MO MOLYBDENUM Sputtering Target Plate
44 PRAXAIR MRC MRCGTI0009678 TI TITANIUM Sputtering Target Plate
45 SEMICORE / MRC SEC-643 SC643 RF Sputter Coater Sputtering System
46 SiO2 sputtering target 4″ diameter 0.25″ thick sputter NEW old stock MRC
47 Sputtering Target Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Diameter:3 inch Thick:0.5 inch:4 pcs
49 TEL Tokyo Electron D122081 Sputter Shield Rev. C MRC Metron New Surplus
50 Tosoh ( Materials Research Corp MRC -Varian) VP Delta Al/Cu Sputter Target NOS
51 Varian ( Materials Research Corp MRC -Tosoh) VP Delta Al/Si Sputter Target NOS

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