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We recommend the following Evaporator/Sputter/Plasma Asher/Plasma Etcher RIE ICP DRIE/RTP equipment at low cost for universities.

We sell them at complete, working, functional test condition. These are in stock and are subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time.

(1) Evaporator Equipment

Varian 3120 TES Temescal FC-1800 Varian 3118 Temescal FC-1800
Varian 3120 Electron Beam Evaporator Varian 3118 E-Beam Evaporator

(2) Sputter Equipment

CPA S-Gun TES Temescal BJD-1800 TES MRC 603 MRC 603
CPA S-Gun Sputter Deposition / Sputter-Gun System (3 S-Guns) Materials Research Corporation MRC 643

(3) Plasma Asher Equipment

March PX-250 Tegal 915 Branson 3000 PVA Tepla M4L
March PX-250 Plasma Asher Etcher Tegal 915 Batch Photoresist Stripper Plasma Barrel Etcher Asher Treatment System 1 Branson IPC B3003 Reactor Center Plasma Asher Plasma descum Dry Asher Dry Clean PVA Tepla M4L Plasma Asher

(4) Plasma Etcher RIE ICP DRIE Equipment

PlasmaTherm 790 Oxford 133 RIE STS PRO ICP STS Bosch Process
PlasmaTherm 790 Series Reactive Ion Etching Plasma Enhanced System RIE 2004 Oxford Plasmalab System 133+ RIE FL Reactive Ion Etcher STS PRO ICP Etcher Multiplex ICP MACS Bosch Process SN22043
PlasmaTherm 720 STS ICP STS Bosh Process Lam AutoEtch 590
Plasmatherm SLR 720 RIE Etcher Plasmatherm 720 STS MULTIPLEX ICP-4inch STS Multiplex DRIE Tool (Bosch Process) Lam Research Lam AutoEtch 590 Plasma Etcher

(5) RTP Equipment

Heatpulse 610 Heatpulse 610 Heatpulse 410 MPT 600XP
AG Associates Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Processing Rapid Thermal Annealing AG Associates Heatpulse 610 AG Associates Heatpyulse 410 Rapid Thermal Annealing System (6) Modular Process Technology MPT RTP-600xp Rapid Thermal Processing Serial# 95394


Oxford PlasmaLab 80+ Oxford PlasmaLab 80+ PlasmaTherm 790 PlasmaTherm 700
Oxford PlasmaLab 80 Plus PECVD Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 80 DPCVD Plasma Therm 790 Series PECVD Plasma Etch Chemical Vapor Deposition System PlasmaTherm 700 Wafr Batch Plasma Etcher Deposition


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