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Temescal FC-1800 E-Beam

Temescal FC-1800 Electron Beam Evaporator System

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Temescal FC-1800 Electron Beam Evaporator System

Category:  E Beam Evaporator

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Temescal/ TFE

Condition: Used in Caltech University before Dec., 2018. We sell them at AS IS,WHERE IS condition. Refurbished or Refurbished&Upgraded are optional at extra cost and time.

Quantity: 1

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale without notice

Lead Time: Immediately after receipt of payment.

Location: U.S.A.

Warranty: No warranty for the AS IS,WHERE IS condition.


Temescal FC-1800 Electron Beam Evaporator System

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18” diameter water cooled stainless steel chamber.

18” diameter x 8” high stainless steel collar for the lower source tray to extend the source to substrate distance. Please note: Source to water-cooled table distance is 30”, source to rotating flip fixture is 26”.

One (1) 20” stainless steel expansion plate.

One (1) 20” diameter X 10” high stainless steel collar with a substrate fixture assembly consisting of a 14” ID ring that can rotate from 1 to 80 RPM. This ring can also be manually rotated or can be set at any fixed angle.

This system is configured with a low volume load lock mounted on top of the 20” diameter collar. The load lock consists of a gate valve, adapter flange, and motorized liner motion assembly. The system has one 7.5”diameter water cooled rotating substrate stage capable of 5 to 100 RPM.

Capacity to hold one (1) 6” diameter wafer or small pieces using standard spring clips to hold the substrates. The substrate table assembly is mounted within this low volume adapter.

The process chamber is fully shielded and flame sprayed.

Lower source tray swings out for maintenance.

Two (2) view ports – lower viewing port has a wide-angle shuttered viewing port with film advance capability.

CTI cryo pump model CTI-8 and compressor.

One (1) pneumatically operated throttle valve.

One (1) new Granville-Phillips full range mini-gauge for process chamber pressure monitoring.

Inficon deposition controller model IC-5 with sensor.

Temescal electron beam power supply model CV-14 (14-KW) configured for single gun operation, interfaced to the deposition controller.

One (1) programmable electron gun X-Y sweep controller.

One (1) Temescal electron beam source model STIH -270 with three 15 cc and three 7 cc pockets.

2-kw substrate heat lamp assembly with a Eurotherm proportional controller. The proportional temperature controller has the ability to (learn) profile the substrate temperature and system to optimize temperature control.

Electron gun shutter assembly interfaced to the deposition controller.

Leybold Heraeus Model D-30 20.9 CFM Mechanical Pump or equivalent.

Full Set of Manuals

Demonstration, training and maintenance CD with video and audio instruction

Software license to allow customer complete access to source code

Spare parts list

System will have a base pressure of better than 1 x10-7 torr.

Installed new wiring at time of refurbishment

Installed new pneumatics using SMC air distribution manifold and solenoids at time of refurbishment

Installed new plumbing and flow sensors at time of refurbishment

Installed new safety system at time of refurbishment

Installed new seals and o-rings at time of refurbishment

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