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STS PRO ICP Etcher, Located in Morgan Hill,CA,USA

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  1. The system was fully operational prior to deinstallation in a Fab in Silicon Valley.
  2. Process pump: Edwards IH80 or equivalent (not included, optional at extra cost)
  3. Leybold Turbo is on the chamber and a Varian scroll pump is used on the load lock.
  4. Gases ran were N2, O2, Cl3 and Argon
  5. This system runs 2” wafers on a pallet that holds 4 wafers. Loaded one at a time.
  6. Clamp type: SEMCO ESC Clamp Type
  7. Max wafer size: 2 inch and 4 inch. Capable for 6″, 8″ at extra cost.
  8. Chamber: Single
  9. Model number and/or a shot of the serial plate.  MP0607
  10. Vintage 2008
  11. Process before deinstallation : InP etch process
Price Term: AS IS,WHERE IS
Options: We can also sell it at extra cost at (1) Complete, Working, functional test; (2) Refurbished condition with warranty . Pls contact us for detail. Appreciate your time.

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