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CPA S-Gun Sputter Deposition

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CPA S-Gun Sputter Deposition / Sputter-Gun System (3 S-Guns)

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Metals/Gases Used: TiW, W5Si3, Au, Argon, Nitrogen.

Wafer Size: 3 inch, 4 pieces per run.

Sloan S-Guns: DC magnetron, 3 for 3 metals. We have a few used target holders coming with the system. The target is a Ring. The typical dimensions are 3 1/8″ OD x 0.930″ tall with an 1/8″ wall.

Pls contact us for more info if necessary. Appreciate your time

It was from a Continuing Operations Wafer Processing Fab in Bay Area,CA USA on 12/10/2020. It was complete, working.  System was purged of all contaminates, decommissioned, and moved to our facility in Morgan Hill,CA USA.
Complete, working, functional test is available at extra cost.

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