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Varian 3118 E-Beam Evaporator

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Varian 3118 E-Beam Evaporator

The system was working at a Fab in silicon valley in June, 2018. We sell it at AS IS condition or complete,working,functional test condition or refurbished condition.

Varian 3118 E-Beam Evaporator with CHA Hearter Power Supplies Varian SCR Power Supplies LN2 Control, Deposition Control, Fixture Control, Edwwards Temescal CV=GSLX HV Power Supply & Temescal Beam Controller with Remote, Neslab ThermoFlex 2500 Chiller, Pfeiffer Adixen ACP 28 Cacuum Pump, & Slot Rotating Substrate Holder / Planatary Shields, CTI Cryogenics Cryo Compressor.

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