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Samco RIE-1C

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Samco RIE-1C parallel plate reactive ion etching system

Location: CA, U.S.A.

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The trademarks of the equipment and parts contained in this website belonged to the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Below pls find the info on the Samco RIE-1C parallel plate reactive ion etching system.

  • Parallel plate reactive ion etcher, cathode coupled, for etching wafers up to 100mm
  • Viewing port. A dedicated stand.
  • 13.56mhz 500w ENI power supply
  • Manual matching network
  • 2 gas inlet lines with rotameters, 50 SCCM for CF4 and O2, one N2 purge line
  • Process timer
  • Fully auto operation of vacuum system, valves, and RF
  • Upper Anode: Aluminum, 140mm diameter, showerhead
  • Lower Cathode: stainless steel, 120mm diameter, water cooled
  • 200mm diameter quartz chamber x 62mm high
  • Operation and maintenance manuals

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Info. from O.E.M. for your reference.

The RIE-1C is a compact desktop dry etching system for semiconductor chip failure analysis.It is possible to remove the passivation membrane efficiently and with low damage. It is easy to operate and the process is done at the push of a button after the sample has been placed. It can be placed on a tabletop or you can choose a dedicated stand.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Samples can be processed up to ø4 inch.
  • One touch operation is all it takes to operate the device.
  • Compact and space-saving design.


  • Failure analysis of semiconductor chips
  • Removal of various types of passivation films
  • Photoresist ashing
  • Etching of various silicon thin films
  • Surface treatment of glass substrates, etc.

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The trademarks of the equipment and parts contained in this website belonged to the Original Equipment Manufacturers