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Matrix 105 -ID 7

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Model: Matrix 105  semiconductor process equipment

Category:  Plasma Asher Plasma Descum

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Matrix Integrated Systems, Inc

Condition: Refurbished by seller 

Wafer Size: 6 inch configuration. 

Process Gasses:  O2 and N2

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Lead Time: 4 to 8 weeks

Location: Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A.

Warranty: 12 months non-consumable parts.

Installation and training: Available at extra charge 

Service Contract: Available at extra charge

Matrix 105 plasma Asher Plasma descum semiconductor equipment General Description

The Matrix 105 plasma Asher Plasma descum semiconductor equipment  represents the Industry Standard in single-wafer photoresist removal and the mainstay of the highly successful System One family. Developed in cooperation with many of the world’s leading IC producers, the Matrix 105 plasma Asher Plasma descum semiconductor equipment has been designed for optimum performance and Cost of Ownership.
The Model 105 provides high throughput in a single wafer system capable of handling wide variety of substrates, including round or square, and ranging from 50mm up to 150mm. By maintaining independent closed-loop system controls, the system optimizes vital device parameters:

• Enhanced gate oxide integrity
• Reduced threshold and capacitance voltage shifts
• Reduced contact resistance/ oxidation.

These benefits are coupled with exceptional reliability proven in more than 700 System One installations worldwide.

The Matrix Model 105 is available free-standing (as shown here) or in a through-the-wall configuration.

Matrix 105 plasma Asher Plasma descum semiconductor equipment Applications
Photoresist Stripping

• High dose implant (As+, B+, P+)
• Post-polysilicon etch
• Post-metal etch
• Post-oxide etch
• Rework

Controlled Resist Removal

• Post-develop descum (pre-etch)
• Dry/wet process capability
• Uniformity capability (<5% 1σ)

GaAs, InP wafer Strip and Descum
Thin Film Head Resist Cleaning
Opto-Electronic Devices Cleaning
MEMS (Micro Systems Technology)

Matrix 105 plasma Asher Plasma descum semiconductor equipment Features/Benefits
Single Wafer, Multi-Step Processing

• Precisely controlled & repeatable stripping of each wafer
• 3 programmable steps + overstrip
• Capable of long process times for exceptional control

High Throughput

• >35 WPH on 150mm substrates (60 second process time)

Aluminum Wafer Chuck
Provides Fast, Precise, Uniform Removal of Resist
Low Particles
        <0.1 particles (>0.3μm) added per cm2
Proven System Performance
        >700 System Ones in use worldwide,
        >95% uptime
Proven Reactor Design
        Optically dense and mechanically robust quartz baffle assembly provides separation of wafer from plasma for true “downstream” performance, with maximum gate oxide protection
Closed-Loop Temperature Control
Resistively heated wafer chuck, stable range for strip: 150°C – 250ºC (+/-5°C), for descum: 70°C – 150ºC (+/-5°C), provides precise temperature control and reduces thermal degradation and electrical damage.
Photocell Endpoint
Automatic endpoint detection for optimizing throughput.
Pick-and-Place Wafer Handling
Brooks Orbitran® system, cassette to cassette wafer handling
Production Oriented
Easy to learn, one-button operation Process recipe stored on magnetic card
System Diagnostics/Modularity
Maintenance is quick and simple
Small Footprint
Only 25” W x 28” D (63.5cm x 71cm)

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