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STS SPTS Electrostactic chuck, 2 inch echuck


STS SPTS  Electrostactic chuck E Chuck Echuck 2 Inch For STS ICP STS PRO ICP

Condition: Used. OEM Parts. Good condition. In original box.

Quantity: 1PC in stock. Backorder for new is available.

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale.

Location: Morgan Hill,CA95037 USA.

The following STS Multiplex RIE PECVD ICP DRIE HRM Bosch Process equipment Spare Parts are available:

No Description Condition
1 TCP380 Turbo Controller (USED)
2 Mag drive 2000 Turbo Controller (USED)
3 Burst Fire Module   BM1 (NEW)
4 Mag Phase Unit        (High Frequency) (USED)
5 Mag Phase Unit.       (Low Frequency) (USED)
6 Cal 3200 Temperature Controller (NEW)
7 Brooks VTR5 Vacuum Robot (USED)
8 Brooks VTR5 Vacuum Robot Handset (USED)
9 DCD 23 DI water controllers (NEW)
10 DCD 53 DI Water Controller (NEW)
11 PM7 VAT Valve Controller (USED)
12 600 Series MKS valve Controller (USED)
13 Mag 900 Turbos (REFURBISHED)
14 VAC1/HVC1 Control Module (REFURBISHED)
15 VAC3/HVC1 Control Module (REFURBISHED)
16 VAC 1 Control Module (REFURBISHED)
17 VAC 3Y Control Module (REFURBISHED)
18 PFC 1A Control Module (REFURBISHED)
19 PFC 1X Control Module (REFURBISHED)
20 PFC 1Y Control Module (REFURBISHED)
21 AMC1 Auto Matching Modules (REFURBISHED)
22 AMC2 Auto Matching Modules (REFURBISHED)
23 TMC1 Temperature Control Module (REFURBISHED)
24 HBC1 Helium Backside Module (REFURBISHED)
25 HBC2 Helium Backside Module (REFURBISHED)
26 EPD1 End Point Module (REFURBISHED)
27 HCU5 Heater Module (REFURBISHED)
28 HCU9  Heater Control Module (REFURBISHED)
29 TZC1 Control Module Module (REFURBISHED)
30 TLZ1 Control Module (REFURBISHED)
31 Interlock Display Module (NEW)
33 TPH520 Turbo Pump (NEW)
34 TMH261P Turbo Pump (USED)

Location: UK

Valid time: Subject to prior sale without notice.

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