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STS Multiplex ICP

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STS Multiplex ICP

Condition: Used, complete, working, functional test

Valid time: Subject to prior sale without notice.

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  • 1 x Carousel Load lock with two position spatula
  • 1 x Iq70 dry pump
  • 1 x Load lock Computer
  • Multiplex version 2 ICP weighted clamp process chamber
  • By pass pumping
  • Leybold Mag 900 (Reconditioned by Leybold and never run on processing yet)
  • Backing Pump: IQDP DRY Pump
  • 1 x ENI ACG10 RF Power Supply
  • 1 x ENI ACG3b RF Power Supply
  • 1 x VAT 65 APC/HiVAC Valve
  • 1 x Process Computer
    1 x Huber Chiller
  • 1 x Version 2 Electronics Cabinet
  • 1 x Electronics Rack
  • 1 x VAC 3Module
  • 2 x AMC1 modules
  • 1 x HBC3 module
  • 1 x HCL1 module
  • 1 x HCU3 module
  • Turbo controller Mag 1000
  • Remote Gas Box with 9 gas lines
  • 3 x PFC1x modules in Gas Box
  • Gas 1O2
  • Gas 2He
  • Gas 3N2
  • Gas 4Ar
  • Gas 5BCL3
  • Gas 6CL2
  • Gas 7SiCL4
  • Gas 8CH4
  • Gas 9H2

The owner has been providing worldwide service support for the older product ranges that STS manufactured. He is the only STS endorsed third party service provider, for the plasma kit range of products below manufactured by STS (SPTS) worldwide.

300 Series Machines: 308PC Barrel Etcher
310PC Deposition Tool
320PC RIE Etching Tool
300 Twin Chamber Tool
Multiplex Range of Machines: Multiplex ICP
Multiplex CVD
Multiplex RIE
Multiplex AOE
Multiplex HRM
All Cluster platform machines: Sharing the same process chambers with the Multiplex range listed

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