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Please contact us if you are interested in the Computer and PLC Electronics upgrades for PlasmaTherm, PlasmaQuest, Oxford process tools in 1-4 weeks on customer site or DIY Self-Install Retrofit. These items are only for end users and are subject to sale without notice. Appreciate your time.

Once the proprietary sequencer and IO system begin to fail there is little that can be done with the process tools.  We believe that an affordable retrofit prevents an expensive replacement of the process tool and so provides a complete replacement of all IO, signal wiring, and software.

Equipment Included:

  1. New PC hardware running Windows 11
  2. New monitor, mouse, and keyboard
  3. New IO Panel and PLC Electronics
  4. New cables and wiring harnesses to connect to existing machine subsystems
  5. New software to control the process tool
  6. New wiring diagrams and connection drawings

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