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NanoSpec 3000

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NanoSpec 3000 Nanometrics Nanospec Thin Film Thickness System

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  • The NanoSpec 3000 is a film thickness measurement system that utilizes a modern small spot spectroscopic reflectometer that is built on a simple-to-use tabletop platform.
  • The Nanospec 3000 Film Thickness Measurement System (AFT) utilizes non-contact, spectro-reflectometry to determine the thickness and refractive index of transparent films on substrates

    System Features & Capabilities:
    – Continuous scanning from 400 – 800nm
    – Measurements as small as 100A up to 20um with a resolution of 50A
    – Measurements down to 100nm in diameter at 40X objective
    – Measurement spot size of 25um
    – Measures up to 3 films on substrate
    – Can support up to 200 different programs or recipes.
    – Measurement time is less than 3 seconds
    – Maximum film thickness measurable is 30um.
    – Processes up to 6″/150mm wafers.
    – Database storage of measurements
    – Data Management – Statistics, Histogram & Mapping, Print & Export

    System Configuration:
    – Olympus 10x objective
    – 10x eyepiece
    – Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Trackball and Software included
    – Voltage Regulator and Line Conditioner
    – Original Manuals and Documentation

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The trademarks of the equipment and parts contained in this website belonged to the Original Equipment Manufacturers