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Kurt J Lesker -Evaporator Thermo


Kurt J Lesker Thin Film Dual Thermo Evaporator

The system was working at a Fab in silicon valley in June, 2018. We sell it at AS IS condition or complete,working,functional test condition or refurbished condition.

Kurt J Lesker Thin Film Dual Thermo Evaporator with Inficon IC6000 -13-075, Pfeiffer Adixen ACP 15 Vacuum, Helix CTI Cryogenics Cryocompressor, CTI Cryogenics 8011 Controller, ASUS Tower PC, Seville Classics, Ultra HD Part Storage Cabinet including Spare Parts Contents, GRanville Phillips GP 307 Vacumm Gauge Controller, Inficon XTC/2 Deposition Controller and Second / Spare Bell Jar.

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