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Sloan Dektak II


Sloan Dektak II Profilometer


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The DEKTAK IlA is an advanced surface profile measuring system which accurately measures vertical features ranging in height from 131 microns to  50 angstroms on a wide variety of substrate surfaces.

Measurements are made electromechanically by moving the sample beneath a diamond-tipped stylus. The high precision stage moves a sample beneath the stylus according to a user-programmed scan length and speed. The stylus is mechanically coupled to the core of an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer). As the stage moves the sample, the stylus rides over the sample surface. Surface variations cause the stylus to be translated vertically. Electrical signals corresponding to the stylus movement are produced as the core position of the LVDT changes respectively. An analog signal proportional to the position change is produced by the L VDT, which in turn is conditioned and converted to a digital format through a high precision, integrating analog to digital converter. The digitized signals from a single scan are stored in computer memory for display, manipulation, measurement. Stored programs that can be readily changed make the DEKTAK IIA ideal for both production and laboratory use.

The DEKTAK IlA is a microprocessor-based stylus profiler. The operating system is in permanent memory (PROM); program variables are stored in battery-powered RAM. The battery is sized to retain program data for three weeks without external power. The control console’s keyboard includes keys to control the scan head, measure the acquired data . The instrument is designed to perform routine measurements and analysis with easily remembered single keystrokes in a highly structured format. Versatility is retained for non-routine measurements and analysis by data and cursor manipulation. The DEKTAK 11A video monitor is a nine-inch monochrome CRT which displays programs and graphics. It can also be used to view the substrate either alone or with the graphics superimposed

Other  surface profiles (Location SS380EB) might be available. Pls contact us for them. Appreciate your time.

1 Sloan / Dektak Catalog #: 900051 Profilerometer
2 Sloan Dektak 3030 Surface Profiler Profiling Measurement Profilometer
3 Sloan Dektak 3030 Surface Texture Analysis System / Profiler
4 SLOAN DEKTAK 671-2740 Profile Measurer
5 SLOAN DEKTAK 900050 FLM surface profile measuring system chart recorder
6 Sloan Dektak 900050 Profile Measurer w FLM 000129
7 SLOAN DEKTAK EPR 582 Profile Measurer 900050
8 SLOAN DEKTAK EPR 582 Profile Measurer 900050
9 SLOAN DEKTAK EPR 582 Profile Measurer 900050 000120 446-7701 DEKTAK FLM 000130
10 SLOAN DEKTAK EPR 582 Profile Measurer 900050 S/N-8022790
11 SLOAN DEKTAK EPR 582 Profile Measurer
12 Sloan Dektak IIA Profilometer I39900 w/ I39930 Scan Head
14 Sloan Dektak IIA Surface Controller Profile Measuring Interface System
15 Sloan Dektak IIA Surface Profile Measuring System
16 Sloan Dektak IIA VEECO Surface Profile Measuring System
17 surface profile measuring 173933 DEKTAK 3 Veeco Sloan Technology Ver 2.13 010091
18 Veeco SLOAN Dektak 8000 Surface Profiler,Win3.11,8″,508002,220Vac
19 VEECO Sloan Dektak IIA Surface Profile Measuring System

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