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Beam Box Components

225.504.01 Camera, Cohu/Sony/Hitachi

218.538.00 2.5mm Aperture Shutter Assy.

225.509.00 AOM Assy.


Short Pulse

225.087.14 Diode Pumped Laser, Short Pulse w/matched Digital PS

Galvanometers, M310

280.732.00 X and Y GSI to CTI Galvo Replacement

280.732.01 X or Y Galvo Replacement

225.181.08 Z Galvo Replacement

Forcer Components:

280.083.10 Forcer with PZ-5 Assy. M310 Analog w/probe cleaner

225.501.03 Z-Motor Assy. M310 PZ-5 Standard

251.082.00 Damper, Z-Motor

218.998.00 Pulley, Z-Motor PZ-5 incl. on 225.501.03

225.501.08 Belt, Z-Drive PZ-5

219.056.00 PZ-5 Flag

225.313.13 Z-Down Sensor (Opto)

225.313.11 Theta Motor Assy. PZ-5

225.313.12 Theta Center Sensor (Opto)

225.313.14 Chuck Interface PCB

238.188.00 Vacuum Sensor, Adj.

251.078.14 Washer, Belleville, Front

Lift Pins:

221.039.00 Pin Vacuum Cup, Black

221.039.01 Pin Vacuum Cup, Green Analog

216.455.00 Pin Vacuum Tips, Delrin​

Probe Motors:

280.375.02 Probe Motor, Short Shaft (most current)


225.229.02 Pneumatic Panel Assy.​

Video Display:

225.558.00 B/W Monitor Standard

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