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STS ICP for 4 or 6 inch wafer with CL2



An end user in USA is looking for a STS ICP for 4 inch or 6 inch GaAs InP wafers.  The original system must come with CL2 MFC and related gas SST tube, CL2 gas software function.
The customer is interested only in manual load/unload STS ICP with loadlock.
Pls contact us if you have any suitable model in stock.  If you provide the following, we will make decision quickly.
  1. Photos of the equipment
  2. Configuration and description of the ICP. Gases type and MFCs’ range?
  3. Is/was it complete, working? If not, please list the missing/bad parts.
  4. Does the system come with complete manuals?
  5. Software version and passwords?
  6. Asking price including palletization/wrapping/belt security for truck/air/sea shipping?
Appreciate your time. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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