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The system uses SF6, C4F8, O2 and N2 as the primary gases, and the owner believes it also has an input for Argon, though it wasn’t used. The main coil power supply is a 1000W RF generator (ENI ACG-10B) and they think the platen has a 300W power supply (ENI ACG-3) .  It has helium backside cooling and a heat exchanger for process temperature control but it’s standard temperature range (they think 45C).  This system has the turbo pump and controller, but does not have the process backing pumps (chamber and loadlock pumps).There is a gas box, the two wall-mounted control cabinets, and a small rack that holds the turbo controller and RF power supplies. This system has a mechanical clamp to hold the wafer and is configured for 150mm substrates.

The DRIE STS system comes with the schematics, pre-installation guide, illustrated parts catalogue, and the technical manual.  We also can convey the password.

Condition: Used. We sell it at AS IS or complete, working, functional test at extra cost.

Valid : It is only for end users and is subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

Photos: Download here.

Info on the system from the owner for your reference.

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