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The following Spare parts are only for end user. Please contact us if you have any questions. Subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

  1. ASML 47.022.022-00.09-379 ASML motor with pulley
  2. ASML 47.022.022-00.09-315 ASML motor for θ
  3. ASML ASML Shutter 200
  4. ASML ASML P-Unite
  6. ASML Maxon Motor (Z)
  7. Gasonics 94-3245 Hard Driver for Gasonics IRIDIA R-PCM
  8. Gasonics Jun-02 Lift pin
  9. Gasonics 15-161439-00 Isolating plate, ring carrier
  10. Gasonics 94-3049 Light probe
  11. Gasonics 94-3243 Hard drive pre-loaded
  12. Gasonics 94-3244 Hard drive pre-loaded
  13. Gasonics 60-2025  1.9Kw magnetron
  14. Varian  04-712190-01 Shield, Upper Chamber
  15. Varian 04-717647-01 Shield, Lower Chamber
  16. Varian 00-674685-00 Optical Sensor
  17. Lam Research  Hi-Motor Sensor (PM-L53)
  18. Lam Research  Hi-Motor Sensor (PM-L54+CN-14)
  19. Lam Research VEXTA 2 Phase Driver UD2115A
  20. Lam Research Roller Shaft
  21. Lam Research 02-168108-00 Lam ECP  bath SIOC
  22. Lam Research 716-330504-064 Ring, FOR, 6″ ESC, GD R.SEMI
  23. Lam Research Inner Door Open/Close Sensor
  24. Lam Research 715-011565-001 Bolt Clamp Retaining
  25. Lam Research 734-007359-001 O-ring
  26. Lam Research 716-330355-001 Window QTZ Headed Endpot

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