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As technology advances in Silicon Valley, the demands placed on strategic materials manufacturers increase dramatically. The markets for engineered quartz, ceramic and silicon products are prime examples. The industry’s evolution continually pushes the limits of materials requiring expert machining to achieve high tolerances and complex designs. In keeping with our goal of being the industry’s premier quartz, ceramics and silicon engineering and manufacturing firm, we meet this challenge by specializing in prototypes and complex production parts. In support of our commitment, we rely only on the highest quality materials, technology, industry standards and the expert skills of our personnel. And we take pride in the results. Moreover, the care and dedication our machinists put into each product is only part of our service; we’re equally committed to streamlining the process of obtaining parts, and to working with your engineers to attain the most efficient solutions.

We can provide a wide range of standard quartz products, such as Ball & Socket Joints, Beakers, Crucibles, Dishes, Flasks, Flat O-ring, Connectors ,Fritted Discs ,GL Threaded Tubes, Quartz to Pyrex Graded Seals, Quartz Wool & Felt, Rod, Solids (Discs, Plates, Flanges, etc.), Standard Taper Joints, Test Tubes, Tubing. Here are the categories for your reference.

  1. Fritted Discs
  2. Fused Quartz Joints
  3. Fused Quartz Labware
  4. Fused Quartz Rod
  5. Fused Quartz Tubing
  6. Fused Quartz Wool & Felt
  7. Machined Quartz
  8. Microscope Slides
  9. Opaque Labware
  10. Plates & Discs
  11. Semiconductor Ware
  12. Specialty Tubing

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