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Plasmatherm Versaline LACVD Etch System

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Plasmatherm Versaline LACVD Etch System

Plasmatherm Versaline LACVD Etch System 6″ – See link below (A# 69481)
– 2x loadlock Ports
– 2x Process Chambers
– DMC / OCR Reader
– Gases and maximum flows in positions 1 to 8 respectively are:
– CF4 (84 sccm)
– O2 (1000 sccm)
– He (50sccm)
– Ar (50 sccm)
– O2 (50 sccm)
– CHF3 (100 sccm)
– N2 (200 sccm)
– H2 (100 sccm)
– Operating system : Windows 7 Professional SP1 OS
– Tool software: Plasma-Therm Cortex
– OES Software: Plasma-Therm EndpointWorks
– ICP source 2 MHz up to 2000 W with temperature control
– Substrate temperature control via bipolar Johnsen-Rahbek electrostatic chuck
– With backside Helium cooling
CCP source 13.56 MHz up to 600 W
thermally managed chamber liner and pump train
– Optical emission spectroscopy
Single loadlock port:
– 2x Process Chambers: Yes, PM2 & PM3
– DMC / OCR Reader configured for DMC
Gas Configuration”
PM2 Gas
– Gas1Name: “CF4″ Gas1Size=”84”
– Gas2Name: “O2a” Gas2Size=”1000″
– Gas3Name: “He” Gas3Size=”50″
– Gas4Name: “Ar” Gas4Size=”50″
– Gas5Name: “O2b” Gas5Size=”50″
– Gas6Name: “CHF3″
– Gas6Size=”100”
– Gas7Name: “N2″ Gas7Size=”200″
– Gas8Name:”H2″ Gas8Size=”100″
PM3 Gas
– Gas1Name:”CF4″ Gas1Size=”84″
– Gas2Name:”O2a” Gas2Size=”1000″
– Gas3Name:”He” Gas3Size=”50″
– Gas4Name:”Ar” Gas4Size=”50″
– Gas5Name:”O2b” Gas5Size=”50″
– Gas6Name:”CHF3″ Gas6Size=”100″
– Gas7Name:”N2″ Gas7Size=”200″
– Gas8Name:”H2″
– Gas8Size: “100”
– Tool also has an interface for Gas Abatement

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