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1 Atmospheric Process Plasma (APP) System with RFPT 600W 13.86mhz Rf power supply, and DX-VV auto match network
2 Gasonics 9104 plasma asher
3 Glen Technologies (Yield Engineering) R3A 500W low frequency Plasma Asher
4 Lam Research/ Aspect Systems 490 Polyimide plasma etcher
5 March PX1000 Plasma Asher with ENI 1200W RF generator
6 March PX250 plasma asher with ENI ACG-5 Rf 500W power supply
7 March PX500 plasma asher with Advanced Energy RFX-600 13.56mhz Rf generator
8 Nordson March AP-1000 Plasma Asher
9 PlasmaFinish V55-G Microwave ashing system
10 PlasmaFinish V55-G plasma system
11 PSM atmospheric plasma
12 PVA Tepla 9204 plasma asher with 4 gas channels
13 Samco RIE-1C parallel plate reactive ion etching system
14 Samco UV-2/UV2 ozone cleaning system
15 Samco UV-660 Ozone Stripper
16 Tepla 300 quartz barrel 2.45Ghz Plasma asher for up to 200mm wafers
17 Tepla 300AL Microwave plasma batch system Autoload PC
18 Tepla 600-AL (autoload) plasma asher for 200mm wafers with ENI 13.56mHz Rf generator
19 Tepla Atmospheric Plasma Pen
20 Tokyo Electron TEL 7500 spare sender arm assy-SPARE NEW UNUSED
21 Yield Engineering R3 Plasma Cleaner with 500w power supply @ 50Khz
22 Yield Engineering YESR3 plasma asher

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SS7270-1-2-1-1 and SS7270W

The trademarks of the equipment and parts contained in this website belonged to the Original Equipment Manufacturers