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Novellus MC1/MC3 Controller

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Please contact us if you need repair or refurbishment for the following Novellus MC1/MC3 Controller. This is only for end users. Valid time is depending on our business.

Part No. OEM Controller Type Description
02-028034-00  Novellus MC1 Chase Computer, P100/16M
02-028522-00  Novellus MC1 System Controller, P100/16M
02-034310-00  Novellus MC1 Module Controller, P100/16M
02-113639-00  Novellus MC1 Module Controller, P166/64M
02-113640-00  Novellus MC1 System Controller, P166/64M
02-116798-00  Novellus MC1 Module Controller, P166/64M w/8 com
02-127707-00  Novellus MC1 System Controller, P166/64M, 24V
02-127708-00  Novellus MC1 Module Controller, P166/64M, 24 V
02-128745-00  Novellus MC1 Module Controller, P166/64M, 24V, w/ 8 com
02-132030-00  Novellus MC1 Module Controller, P166/64M, QNX4
02-133876-00  Novellus MC1 System Controller, P166/64M, QNX4
02-136488-00  Novellus MC1 Chase Computer, P166/64M
02-253704-00  Novellus MC3 MC3E, Module Controller, Ethernet
02-253705-00  Novellus MC3 MC3A, Module Controller, Arcnet
02-257935-00  Novellus MC3 MC3E, Platform Controller, Ethernet
02-267883-00  Novellus MC3 MC3A, System Controller, Arcnet
02-272554-00  Novellus MC3 MC3A, DLCM Module Controller
02-279391-00  Novellus MC3 Chase, QNX, Passive Backplane
02-321865-00  Novellus MC3 MC3R, Module Controller, Ethernet
02-321899-00  Novellus MC3 MC3R, Module Controller, Arcnet
02-339391-00  Novellus MC3 MC3R, Chase Controller, Arcnet
02-406010-00  Novellus MC3 MC3R, Module Controller, Ethernet, 1Ghz

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