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STS Multiplex ICP DRIE


STS Multiplex ICP Deep Reactive Ion Etcher (DRIE), 6″-8″

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  • STS Multiplex ICP Deep Reactive Ion Etcher (DRIE), 6″-8″
    Semi auto mode
    Frequency: 600 Hz
    Mode: Bosch
    Generator rack
  • Chamber:
    Deep silicon etch process
    SOI Trench etch
    Gas line: (4) Valves – MFC Filters (VCR)
    ICP 240BF Source (ASE-exc PSU / Matching unit)
    Temperature: 5°C – 40°C
    ICP SC160M Process chamber (MESC)
    RF Supply / Matching unit: 300/30 W (13.56 MHz)
    RF Supply / Matching unit: 1 kW (13.56 MHz)
    Chamber parts: Substrate, 6″ (Mechanical clamping)
    Chamber externals: ICP V2
    Mechanical wafer clamp electrode (Tripod)
    With he backside cooling
  • Process chamber:
    ICP V2 Unified ISO250 (Inc insulation spacers) SR
    With 160 adapter
    LEYBOLD MAG900CT Turbo pump
    EDWARDS iQDP80 (M) Dry pump
  • Includes:
    EDWARDS D146 Penning gauge
    MKS 51A and SMC ZSE6B Pressure switches
    EDWARDS 655 100 mT Cap man gauge
    EDWARDS E2M40 PFPE vacuum pump
    NW16 Bypass pump line
    Gas box
    Affinity chiller
    Electric cluster cabinet
  • Lower electrode: ICP WTC Tripod lift
    Substrate clamping / Platen: ICP WTC Tripod 150 mm
    Lower RF enclosure / MU: ICP V2 WTC H/F, L/F (SOI)
    Electrode lift stops: 96 mm
    Electrode spacing: 136 mm
    HBC Assembly: ICP V2
    TYLAN CDLD 10T Cap man gauge
    TYLAN FC2901 50 sccm He Cal MFC
    Upper electrode with aperture mounting
    Upper electrode source: ICP Balun
    Upper RF enclosure / MU: Balun 1kW (High cool)
    Chamber lid: ICP Heated
  • RF Generators:
    Upper: ENI ACG10B 1 kW (13.56 MHz)
    Lower: ENI ACG3B 300 – 30 W (13.56 MHz)
    LF5 Pulse gen switch unit
  • Bypass pumping: Automatic NW16
    Heated foreline: ICP
    NW40 (1m) Pumping line
    EDWARDS iQDP80 (M) Backing pump
    Chamber heating: (4) WATLOW 700 W Cartridge heaters
    Gasbox: (4) lines (Includes PFC1 module)
    Chamber cover panels: ICP V2
  • Gases / MFC Size (sccm) / Seal type / Line type / Gas type
    C4F8(S) / 200 / VITON / G12 / Clean
    SF6(S) / 300 / VITON / G12 / Clean
    O2(S) / 100 / VITON / G12 / Clean
    Ar / 100 / VITON / G12 / Clean / Process
  • Loadlock:
    Carousel vacuum loadlock
    Carousel loadlock parts: (2) Substrates, 6″
    EDWARDS RF Rack mount Cabinet F (Fomblin) Rotary pump
  • Power supply: 208 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
  • 2000 vintage.

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