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Plasmatherm MODEL CLUSTERLOCK 7000

Plasmatherm MODEL CLUSTERLOCK 7000

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Please contact us if you are interested in the  Plasmatherm MODEL CLUSTERLOCK 7000 which is in Bay Area,CA USA. The  Plasmatherm MODEL CLUSTERLOCK 7000 is only for end users and are subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time.

Model: Plasmatherm MODEL CLUSTERLOCK 7000

Product: RIE (2 chambers)  and Asher (1 chamber)

Chambers: 3

Substrate Size: 500mm x 500mm

Location: Bay Area, CA,USA

Condition: Used. It is still working. (Jan. 1st.2019)

Inspection: Not available

Price: Accept offers at AS IS,WHERE IS. Buyer is responsible for Rig,de-installation, moving, crating, shipping etc.

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale without notice.

Photos: Download

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