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Lam Research SFPD-101 LAM Continuum

Lam Research SFPD-101 LAM Continuum

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Please contact us if you are interested in the  Lam Research SFPD-101 LAM Continuum which is in Bay Area,CA USA. The  Lam Research SFPD-101 LAM Continuum is only for end users and are subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time.

Model:Lam Research SFPD-101 LAM Continuum

Product: RIE (2 chambers)  and Asher (1 chamber)

Chambers: 3

Substrate Size: 500mm x 500mm

Location: Bay Area, CA,USA

Condition: Used. It is still working. (Jan. 1st.2019)

Inspection: Not available

Price: Accept offers at AS IS,WHERE IS. Buyer is responsible for Rig,de-installation, moving, crating, shipping etc.

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale without notice.

Photos: Download

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