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The following Lithography equipment are only for end user. Please contact us if you have any questions. Subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

Condition: Used

1 ASML AT850C KrF Twinscan
2 ASML PAS 2500/30 Lithography
3 ASML PAS 2500/40 Lithography
4 ASML PAS 5500/1100
5 ASML XT1250B ArF Lithography
6 ASML XT1250B Lithography ARF
7 ASML XT1250D ArF Scanner
8 ASML XT1250D Lithography
9 ASML XT1700Gi Immersion Lithography
10 Canon FPA-5000ES3
11 Canon FPA-5000ES3 KrF Scanner
12 Canon FPA-5000ES4 KrF Scanner
13 Canon FPA-5500iZ 350nm, i-Line Stepper
14 Canon FPA-5500iZ+ 350nm, i-Line Stepper
15 Canon FPA-6000 ES5 KrF
16 Canon FPA-6000ES6a 90nm Krf Scanner
17 Canon FPA-6000ES6a 90nm Krf Scanner
18 Cymer EX-5700 DUV Expose tool
19 Cymer EX-5700 DUV Photo align
20 Nikon NES1-H04 Mini stepper
21 Nikon NSR-2005i10C i-Line
22 Nikon NSR-2005i9C i-Line
23 Nikon NSR-2205EX12B KrF
24 Nikon NSR-2205i14E i-Line
25 Nikon NSR-S204B KrF Scanner
26 Nikon NSR-S205C KrF Scanner
27 Nikon NSR-S609B Immersion
28 Nikon NSR-SF120 i-Line
29 Nikon NSR-SF130 i-Line
30 Nikon NSR-TFH EX14C KrF Stepper
31 Rudolph Rudolph JetStep A2300 RDL
32 SUSSMicroTec MA-150 Mask Aligner
33 SUSSMicroTec MA200 Aligner
34 SUSSMicroTec MA200 COMPACT Litho

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