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Special Tools: 

219.403.00 Grid SR Cal

226.988.04 Grid 4 Quad. Beam Cal

225.512.00 UDT Meter Assy. and Sphere

Power Supplies:

227.318.40 D/C Power Supply Assy.

221.303.01 PS1 (+5,+24,+12,+/-15VDC)

280.888.01 PS2 (+/-28VDC)

225.178.00 PS3 (+/-24VDC)

221.643.00 PS4 (set to +12VDC)Camera

221.645.00 PS5 (set to +15VDC)Meter

225.511.10 AOM RF Driver Box

225.237.10 AC Power Controller

280.024.12 CRDH Box

280.059.31 Motor Driver Box

PC Boards:

227.318.11 M.310 Card Cage

280.061.00 M.310 Board Kit

225.573.00 3240 Board

229.226.00 TS226 bd

229.227.02 TS227bd

229.229.00 TS229, 8085 br5.

229.230.00 TS230 bd.

229.378.00 TS378 bd.

225.500.14 Power DAR bd.

280.601.00 Cognex 4100 vision system br. (w/ ram installed)

229.232.00 TS232 Interconnect bd.

229.260.00 TS260 Stop trim bd.

229.267.00 TS267 Sensor bd.

229.269.00 TS269 Pre AOM bd

229.267.01 Laser Eye bd.

Sun Computer:

Sun Ultra 5

Sun Blade 150

225.596.03 Ethernet and SCSI Adapter

225.596.06Bit-3 PCI to VME Kit

225.596.11 Bit-3 PCI to VME PCI PCB Only

225.596.12 Bit-3 VME PCB Only

225.596.20 Aurora 4 Port Serial Kit

280.197.02 M.310 Cable Kit (Includes 13 basic M310 cables)

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