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Operator Panel and Hood:

280.079.00 Light Tower Assy.

280.065.00 Operator Panel Assy. Complete

221.089.00 Control Panel Button – White

216.693.03 Beam Box Hood Catch (on hood)

224.021.03 Beam Box Hood Latch (on frame)

238.104.01 Gas Strut Beam Box Cover

225.012.03 Safety Cable Bean Box Cover

241.191.02 Gas Strut Operator Door

227.671.00 Laser Shutter Switch w/cable

280.169.06 Beam Box Up/Down Toggle Switch w/ cable

221.472.01 Beam Box Raiser Switch (needs grn lens 221.490.00)

227.679.00 Illuminator Switch w/cable

227.679.01 Chuck Vacuum Switch w/cable

225.571.06 Interlock Switch Operator Door 2X

225.571.04 Interlock Switch Beam Box Cover 1X Brown

225.571.05 Interlock Switch Bean Box Cover 1X Black

225.571.02 Interlock Switch Handler Door 2X

801.302.00 Interlock Defeat Key Switch

225.571.00 Beam Box Down Interlock Switch

280.166.00 Interlock Cable Assy.

Forcer Components:

280.083.10 Forcer with PZ-5 Assy. M310 Analog w/probe cleaner

225.501.03 Z-Motor Assy. M310 PZ-5 Standard

251.082.00 Damper, Z-Motor

218.998.00 Pulley, Z-Motor PZ-5 incl. on 225.501.03

225.501.08 Belt, Z-Drive PZ-5

219.056.00 PZ-5 Flag

225.313.13 Z-Down Sensor (Opto)

225.313.11 Theta Motor Assy. PZ-5

225.313.12 Theta Center Sensor (Opto)

225.313.14 Chuck Interface PCB

238.188.00 Vacuum Sensor, Adj.

251.078.14 Washer, Belleville, Front

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