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Heatpulse 4100 RTP


Model: Heatpulse 4100

Category:  RTP – Rapid Thermal Processing 

Original Equipment ManufacturerAG Associates

Condition: Used, Complete, working condition. Fully Refurbished and Tested  by seller

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AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 Rapid Thermal Processing equipment description

The AG Associates Heatpulse4100 rapid thermal anneal system contains a subsystem for each of the following:
• Electronics (including a dedicated microprocessor)
• Mass-flow-controlled gas handling
• Cooling
• ULPA filtration
• Mechanical assemblies
Software programs, called recipes, specify the details for each process. The AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 system includes a 3-1/2-inch floppy disk drive for process recipe storage. A three-axis industrial robot automates processing by transporting wafers into and out of the process chamber. It uses closed-loop feedback for precise motion control and accurate positioning.
To provide cold-wall processing, water is circulated through the process-chamber walls. The quartz isolation tube is cooled with nitrogen or compressed air.

AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 Rapid Thermal Anneal equipment APPLICATIONS:

The Heatpulse 4100 system is a versatile tool which can be useful for many applications, such as (but not limited to):
• Silicon dielectric growth
• Implant annealing
• Glass re-flow
• Silicide formation and annealing
• Nitridation of metals
• Contact alloying
• Oxygen donor annihilation

AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 Rapid Thermal Processing Equipment Specifications:

Operating Specifications

The following are the operating specifications for the Heatpulse® 4100 system.

    • Wafer handling: automatic serial processing, using standard cassettes.
    • Throughput: Process dependent, approximately 80 wafers per hour (in a null cycle) without flat-finder. 
    • Wafer sizes: 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches (standard).
    • Ramp-up rate: Programmable, 1 – 180°C per second.
    • Steady-state duration: 1 – 600 seconds per step.
    • Ramp-down rate: Programmable, 1 – 180°C per second. Ramp-down rate is temperature and radiation dependent, maximum 150°C per second. 
    • Recommended steady-state temperature range: 400 – 1200°C. 
    • ERP temperature accuracy: +5°C to -9°C, when calibrated against an instrumented thermocouple wafer (ITC).
    • Temperature repeatability: + 7°C or better at 1150°C wafer to wafer. (Repetition specifications are based on a 100-wafer set.) 
    • Temperature uniformity: + 10°C across an 6-inch wafer at 1150°C. (This is a 1-sigma deviation from 100-angstrom oxide uniformity.) For a titanium silicidation process, no more than 1.5 percent increase to uniformity during the first anneal at 650 – 700°C.

AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 Physical Dimensions

    • Width: 40 in. (102 cm)
    • Depth 42 in. (107 cm)
    • Height 82 in. (208 cm)
    • Weight:: 1800 lbs (816 kg)
    • Shipping weight:: 2000 lbs (907 kg)

AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 Utility Requirements

    • Power StandardWater Type Refer to the Heatpulse® 4100 Facilities Manual.(Recirculator)
      • Domestic: 208 VAC, 60 Hz; 125 A maximum;3-phase plus ground and neutral
      • European: 400 VAC, 50 Hz; 90 A maximum;3-phase plus ground and neutral 
      • Japanese: 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 125 A maximum; 3-phase plus ground 

AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 Rapid Thermal Anneal equipment FEATURES:

The AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 Rapid Thermal Annealing system contains many capabilities which provide significant advantages over conventional batch processing in the production of VLSI circuits. Cleanroom integrity, precise temperature control and measurement, software flexibility, and the physical structure of the system (designed for the production environment) are among these advantages.

  • Contaminant-Free Processing

The Heatpulse 4100 system is designed with the cleanroom environment in mind. The following are the key features which make this Heatpulse 4100 system contaminant-free:

• Stainless-steel laminar flow processing floor and ULPA filter located in the processing area to reduce the number of particles in the environment. The walls of the processing area are also stainless steel.
• Design which prevents particles from circulating around the wafer-handling area, which allows the front panel door to remain open during processing.
• Easy service access available from rear and side panels.
• Through-the-wall installation, which maintains cleanroom integrity.
• No belts and pulleys (a large source of particle contamination) exist in the 8108 wafer-handling area.
• Front touch-screen controller remotely mounted to further reduce particle attraction.

  • Heating, Cooling, and Temperature Measurement

The following lists the key features of Heatpulse 4100 heating, cooling, and temperature measurement:
• High-intensity radiation which heats wafers for short periods of 1 to 600 seconds at precisely controlled temperatures in the 400-to-1200°C range.
• Tungsten halogen lamps and cold process-chamber walls which allow fast wafer heating and cooling rates, respectively.
• Lamps arranged in 2 banks of 14 lamps each, 1 bank above and the other below the process chamber. Upper lamps which run crosswise and lower  lamps which run lengthwise. Thus, the upper and lower lamps are at right angles to each other for optimization of temperature control. In addition, 10-zone lamp control to enable further wafer uniformity.
• The system delivers time and temperature profiles tailored to suit specific process requirements.
• Pyrometer or thermocouple sensing which offers precise closed-loop temperature control.
• Open-loop intensity control (OLIC) option which offers accurate, repeatable temperature control. (This feature requires ±0.5 VAC at 208 VAC line voltage  regulation to function accurately.)
• Purge gas which flows through the process chamber and cooling gas (CDA) which flows around the isolation tube and lamps.
• Water de-ionizing system for oven cooling water to minimize metal corrosion.  

  • Software

The AG Associates Heatpulse system features touch-screen operation which is easy to learn. Additional software features are listed below.
• Menu screens which allow a process cycle to be easily defined and executed.
• Status reports continually displayed on the screen as the system operates.
• Self-diagnostic routine active whenever the system is on and terminates the cycle in progress if an abnormal condition is detected.
• Access codes which provide security for the system, recipe programming, and diagnostic functions.
• Highly flexible recipes and process procedures.
• Simple and easy-to-use menu screens.
• Touch-screen menus which eliminate the need for special commands.
• Manual mode which allows engineers and service personnel to activate individual subassemblies and functions.
• Discrete diagnostic routines, using a separate Diagnostic mode, are available.
• Maintenance menu which allows you to customize messages by condition and date to appear on the GUI screen at a set time.
• Thermal processing cycles which may be customized for unique processing requirements.
• Custom recipes created by process engineers which may be saved on floppy diskette and executed by production line operators.

  • Service Access

The AG Associates Heatpulse 4100 system has been built for fast servicing in the production environment which provides low mean time to repair (MTTR ). The features listed below reflect this purpose:
• Optional menu screen available at the rear of the system, enabled through a key control switch.
• Gas box specifically designed for easy access and maintenance.
• Front access window closes to prevent cleanroom contamination during maintenance for through-the-wall installation.
• Top window, which flips out of the way, enables easier wafer-handling area access.

  • Wafer Handling, Control, and Accuracy

Heatpulse 4100 wafer-handling system features include the following:
• Consistent wafer-to-wafer process cycle repeatability
• Optional send and receive cassette bases which swivel to accommodate loading and unloading by a cleanroom robot in a fully robotic environment
• Antistatic Ion Bar in the laminar flow system which reduces electrostatic charges on wafer handling components.
• Controlled ambient
• Robotic transport of wafers in excess of 80 wafers per hour (in a null cycle without the flat-finder option)
• A process-per-wafer (PPW) feature which enables you to program a different recipe for each wafer in a cassette. For pick-and-place operation, one recipe and be selected for each cassette, or up to 50 different recipes can be programmed when two 25-slot cassettes are used, or 52 recipes when two 26-slot cassettes are used

All the Heatpulse 4100 Rapid Thermal Processing , Rapid Thermal Annealing equipment  trademarks belongs to AG Associates , the original equipment manufacturer. All rights reserved. 

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