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GSI M350 Laser Trimmer

GSI M350 Laser Trimmer, Refurbished with installation and warranty. We also provide Laser System Repair, Services and Parts

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The GSI M350 Laser Trimmer is made for Linear and Mixed signal laser trimming. The Laser interfaces with mixed signal IC tester such as KVD, LTX, Teledyne and Eagle Testers.

GSI M350 Laser Trimmer OEM: GSI

Condition: Refurbished with installation and warranty

GSI M350 Laser Trimmer Configuration

  • Computer PC-based
  • Laser Type: Solid State Diode Pumped
  • Chuck Size: 6-8″ (100-200mm)
  • Chuck Type: Ambient / Hot chuck
  • Chuck Temperature: Ambient
  • Chuck Material: Gold Plated
  • X, Y, Z, Theta stage

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