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The following furnace equipment are only for end user. Please contact us if you have any questions. Subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

Condition: Used

1 ASM A412
2 ASM A412 LPCVD SiN & SiN
3 Aviza/SVG 10K Diffusion
4 Axcelis COMPACT II Clean Room Ovens
5 Kokusai DD-1206V-DF LP SiN
6 Kokusai DD-1206V-DF Oxide undope
7 Kokusai DD-1206V-DF SIN-Undop
8 Kokusai DD-1206VN-DF Oxide undope
9 Kokusai DD-1223V Anneal, Cobalt
10 Kokusai DD-1223VN ALD-TiN
11 Kokusai DD-1236VN-DF Low Temp Steam Anneal – for SOD Cure
12 Kokusai DJ-1206VN-DM LPCVD SiN
13 Kokusai DJ-1206VN-DM Specer Nitride,Smart batch
14 Kokusai DJ-1236VN-DF ALDTiN
15 Kokusai DJ-1236VN-DF TiN_ALD
16 Kokusai Quixace Boron-Doped Poly
17 NA 000P559 Ovens / Furnaces Reflow
18 SVG 5204 Diffusion
19 SVG AVP8000 Atmospheric Oxide Vertical Furnace
20 TEL Alpha-303i DCS-HTO
21 TEL Alpha-303i HSQ Anneal
22 TEL Alpha-303i LP P-doped Poly
23 TEL Alpha-303i LP-SOG-Cure
24 TEL Alpha-303i PIQ
25 TEL Alpha-303i Poly Cure
26 TEL Alpha-303i-K HTO/SiN
27 TEL Alpha-303i-K MTO
28 TEL Alpha-303i-K Poly
29 TEL Alpha-8SE-E Dopant Vertical Drive Furnace
30 TEL Indy Nitride
31 TEL Indy Plus MOL Nitride
32 TEL Indy Plus SIBCN
33 TEL Indy-A DCS Nit
34 TEL Indy-B DCS Nit

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