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AMP-3300  Plasma II PECVD Deposition System

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Model: AMP-3300 plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition

Category:  PECVD 

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Applied Materials ( AMP )

Condition: Used, Complete, working condition. We sell it at AS IS,Where IS condition. Refurbished and fully tested is optional at extra charge. The system is on pallet and wrapped. Gross Weight:1752 LBS. Dimension: 4X6.5X5.5 Feet.

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Lead Time: Ready to go. 8 to 10 weeks for the Refurbished and fully tested condition.

Location: Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A.

Warranty: No warranty for the AS IS,WHERE IS condition. 3 months for the Refurbished and fully tested condition.

Installation and training: Available at extra charge for the Refurbished and fully tested condition

Service Contract: Available at extra charge for the Refurbished and fully tested condition

Applied Materials AMP-3300 PECVD Description:

AMP-3300  Plasma II PECVD Deposition System 

The AMP-3300 II is a low-temperature, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition system for depositing silicon nitride and silicon dioxide dielectric films. Deposition occurs by forming stable solids through the decomposition of chemical vapors.

There are four controlled process parameters within the reactor process chamber: Radiofrequency(RF) power, Chamber pressure, Chamber temperature and gas flows. The plasma energy field is generated by RF power in the process chamber, evacuated with a vacuum roughing pump and a motor-driven Roots blower.

Electric heaters control the temperature for the deposition process by heating the chamber and the wafers. Process gases, controlled by MFC, flow over the wafers and interact to produce solids while giving off gaseous byproducts.

Key Advantages of AMP-3300  Plasma II PECVD Deposition System:

  1. Screwless electrode
  2. Dual gas manifold
  3. Closed-loop RF Power Supply
  4. 42 pieces of 3-inch wafers or 22 pieces of 4-inch wafers or 16 pieces of 5-inch wafers
  5. Deposition Rate:300 A/min
  6. Temperature capability up to 300C
  7. RF Power: Up to 1500W
  8. Process Gases: N2O and SiH4 for Oxide deposition and SiH4,NH3,N2 for Nitride deposition.
  9. New Controller with Real time process data collection and control, Password control for various levels of user access, Customer programming of recipe for complete system and process parameters, Process parameters recorded on system computer.

Electrical Power:208-VAC +/-5%,3-phase,80 amperes,60Hz,5-wire wye; 380-VAC +/-5%,3-phase,50 amperes,50Hz,5-wire wye.

Water Pressure:30-80 psig. Standard flow at 3 gpm(11.4 liters/minute) filtered to 100 to 125 microns.

Water Temperature: Maximum inlet temperature: 77F (25C), Minimum 68F (20C).

Water Resistivity: Must be greater than 20,000 ohms cm

Ambient Air Relative Humidity: 40% or less

Process Gases: N2 at 30 psig, other gases must be delivered at 20-30 psig

N2 Pump purge: 30 liters/minute at psig to dilute residual reactant gases

Pneumatic Air: 80-100 psig

Exhaust: 2-1/8-inch (54 mm) O.D. exhaust is to mechanical pump with proper purging to dilute residual reactant gases.

Weight: 1500 lbs

AMP-3300 Dimensions: 68″(W,173cm)X37″(D,93cm)X51″(H,129cm)


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