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West Bond Wire Bonder 7400A(?)

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West Bond Wire Bonder 7400A(?), To Include (2) 1200D

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Condition: Used. We did not test it. We sell it at AS IS,WHERE IS without warranty and return. Complete, working, functional test is optional at extra cost.

More Photos: Pls contact us via email for more photos if necessary.

Location: Morgan Hill, CA USA

OEM Name: WestBond

Quantity: 1

Subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time

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Packaging Equipment. Manufacturer: WEST·BOND Inc. The Model 7400A is an ultrasonic/thermosonic wedge-wedge wire bonder designed to interconnect wire leads toe semiconductor, hybrid or microwave devices. The machine bonds aluminum or gold wire ranging from 0.0007 in. to 0.002 in. Bonds are made by the wedge-wedge technique using ultrasonic energy to attach aluminum wire at room temperature and adding work piece heat for gold wire. Wire is clamped and threaded diagonally under the bonding wedge, allowing independent feeding action but requiring front-to-back bonding direction. The bonding tool is guided manually by the operator using hand/eye reference to bond targets and elevations.Samples should be free of greases, oils, fingerprints, and particles. If necessary, samples should be cleaned in solvents, followed by DI rinse and N2 blow dry. Particular attention should be paid to the back side of the sample.

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  • SS-000Auc-Fab.-19 / MSP-1000

The trademarks of the equipment and parts contained in this website belonged to the Original Equipment Manufacturers