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Wafer Probe Tester Metrology

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1 1.85 mm to 2.4 mm 50 GHz RF Adapter M-M (Male) KMCO  185M-240M
2 10Gb OC192 UNI PHY Multi Layer Analyzer Spirent Adtech AX/4000 403335 403100
3 10GB/s 4 Channel BERT Generator-Analyzer  Optellent OPB-04X10 Bit error
4 120V DC 25A Programmable Power Supply  3000W GPIB Elgar DHP120-25M9D USA
5 16 bit A/D DAQ Module & Amplifier 0 to 50V input ISOLATED, RS-485 Analog Devices
6 18 GHz RF Step Attenuator 1 db to 121 dB 1 dB step  AGILENT Programmable
7 2.4 mm PCB Mount Female Connector Southwest Microwave 66049
8 20 GHz Vector Network Analyzer  HP8720B 2 Port S Parameters Measurements
9 200V Adjustable DC Power Supply 25A 5000W LOAD  Constant current mode
10 250 MHz Dual Output Pulse Generator  2nS min. pulse width, 1nS rise/fall
11 3.3kW Adjustable DC Power Supply 0 to 150V 22A GPIB TDK GEN150-22 Constant curre
12 40 GHz RF Cable Phase Stable 36 in 2.92mm M-M
13 40 Gigabit Network Tester Optical Fiber interface SONET/SDH BER JDSU-506
14 40kV Dielectric Withstanding Breakdown Tester  AC-DC Test cable
15 40V 60A 2400W Variable Output DC Power Supply LOAD  EMI EMS40-60-2-D LCD
16 500V Adjustable Lab Power Supply  800 Watt 1.6 A 1U Matsusada VOLJ500-1.6
17 50MHz Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator  12 bit resolution 9 waveform
18 6.5 Digit Multimeter  ACV/DCV/Ohms High Voltage Range Datron 1062
19 6.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer 30 Hz Resolution BW opt   HP 8595E
20 600W Programmable Electronic Load  0 to 120V 0 to 120A BK Precision 8510
21 AC Power Source 1 kVA 45Hz to 5kHz  Output 0-270VAC Inp: 115VAC,1 Hz step
22 Adjustable DC Lab Power Supply 0- 12V 60A  Constant current 1U high 750Wt
23 Adjustable DC Power supply 0 to 55V, 0-55A 3kW  Constant current DCS55-55
24 Adjustable DC Power Supply 0 to 60V 0-50A 1000W  Constant Current GPIB
25 Adjustable DC Power Supply 0 to 60V 1000 Watt  Sorensen SRL60-17 Amps CC
26 Adjustable DC Power Supply 12V @ 50A  1U high EMI EMS12-50-D-1 90-240VAC
27 Adjustable Lab DC Power Supply 0 to 20 V 0 – 20 A 400 Watt Constant Current mode
28 Adjustable Lab DC Power Supply 0-10 V, 0 to 90A 900 Watt Constant Current mode
29 Adjustable Lab Power Supply 0 – 10VDC 0-10A  Constant current mode.HP6282A
30 Adjustable Precision Lab Power Supply 0-20V 25A 500W NIB Constant current UsMade
31 Advantest D3286 Serial Data Stream Error Detector  BERT
32 Agilent 110dB 18GHz 1dB Step Programmable Attenuators  8494H+8496H+11713A
33 Agilent 34905A Multiplexer Module  for HP/Agilent 34970A/34972A
34 Agilent 34922A 70-Channel Armature Multiplexer for 34980A
35 Agilent 34931A Dual 4×8 Armature Matrix Module for 34980A
36 Agilent 53181A Counter 1.5GHz option 2 Chan 10 digit resolution 10mV sensitivity
37 Agilent 54622D 100 MHz MSO COMPLETE with Cables
38 Agilent 54855-61620 Sucoflex Calibration Cable for Infiniium Scopes Huber-Suhner
39 Agilent 6051A DC Electronic Load with 60507B module 150V/60A/500Watt GPIB
40 Agilent 66319B Power Supply-Analyzer  Programmable output resistance, DVM
41 Agilent 81632B Power Sensor  +10 to -80 dBm 800nm to 1650nm InGaAs 8163/64
42 Agilent 81649A Tunable Laser  1520 to 1630 nm C/L Band FC/PC -8dBm
43 Agilent 81662A Distributed Feedback Laser  1553.33nm wavelength Source
44 Agilent 81689A Tunable Laser Full 4mW output, 1525 to 1575 nm FC/PC C/L Band
45 Agilent 83752A 0.01- 20 GHz RF Generator Synthesized Sweep Opt 1E1
46 Agilent 8485D 50MHz – 33 GHz opt 033  RF Power Sensor for HP power meters
47 Agilent 85025A Coaxial Detector  for HP 8757 scalar analyzers 0.1-18GHz
48 Agilent 85025E 26.5 GHz Coaxial Detector  For HP 8757A 8757C 8757D 8757E
49 Agilent 8564EC 40 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Color LCD Fast Time domain sweeps Module
50 Agilent 8565E 50 GHz Spectrum analyzer Less than 3000 hours of use. 2.4 mm male
51 Agilent 86100C Oscilloscope  Wide band TDR Eye/Mask Jitter Analyzer 40Gb/s
52 Agilent 86106B Plug-in  for 86100 series DCA Oscilloscopes 40GHz BW
53 Agilent 86140A Optical Spectrum Analyzer  600 nm to 1700 nm OSA
54 Agilent E2730B VXI RF Tuner 20 MHz to 2.7 GHz for 89600S Vector Signal Analyzer
55 Agilent E4407B 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer Tracking Generator Preamp 1D6 1DR 1D5 +
56 Agilent E4443A Spectrum Analyzer , opt 1DS, 202, 226, B7J 3Hz – 6.7GHz
57 Agilent E5382A Single-ended Flying Lead Probe Set
58 Agilent E5515B with GPRS SOFTWARE (E1964A) opt 002, 003, 663
59 Agilent E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set  Options 506 6M1 UK6. PCT, NCT TTCN3
60 Agilent Keysight 16048H Extension Cable for Impedance Analyzer LCR meters 2m
61 Agilent N4219B SATA 2 Analysis Probe for Keysight Logic Analyzers
62 Agilent N5181A 6 GHz CALIBRATED with DATA opt 506, UNU UNZ
63 Agilent N5302A PCI Analyzer, 2x N5306A 3x N4241A probe
64 Agilent N6742B  DC Power Module, 8V, 12 A, 100 W for N6700 series chassi
65 Ametek Xantrex Adjustable Lab Power Supply 0-15V, 20 Amps Constant curr HPD15-20
66 Ando AQ2140 Optical Multimeter
67 Anritsu 3741A-Q Transmission Module Q band 33-50GHz WR-22
68 Anritsu 560-7S50-2 26.5 GHz Detector for Wiltron 560/56/ 54000 Series Analyzers
69 ANRITSU AutoTester 3GHz 75 Ohm, for Wiltron 54000 Scalar Analysers 6NF75
70 Anritsu MG3692A 10 MHz -20 GHz RF Generator Ultra Low Phase noise (opt 3) +15dBm
71 Anritsu MP1632A DATA Analyzer & Pattern generator MU163220 & 3.2GHz Synthesizer
72 Anritsu MP2101A Dual Channel 10 Gigabit BERT PG & ED GPIB interface
73 Anritsu MS2663B Spectrum Analyzer  9 KHz – 8.1 GHz BW Color Display
74 Arbitrary Waveform Generator 500 MHz 1GS/s 12 Bit FFT Tektronix AWG2040
75 Arbitrary Waveform Generator 800 MHz  Tektronix AWG610 2.6 GS/s Hi res
76 Arroyo Instruments 5235 TEC Source 3.5A/7V USB/RS232 Interface
77 Attenuator 1000 Watt 30 dB DC to 2.4 GHz 1kW  Bird 1000A-MFN-30 N connect
78 Avnet MTS UTC-2020 RF Amplifier 16dB Gain +20dBm Output Power 10MHz – 2GHz SMA F
79 Avnet MTS UTC-2025 Microwave Amplifier 11dB Gain 23dBm Output Power 50MHz – 2GHz
80 B&K 878 LCR Meter with Binning CALIBRATED L,C,R,Q,D Max/Min/Avg/Rel Tolerance
81 Bipolar Power Supply / Amplifier FULLY  +/-35V, +/-5A, 20kHz BW 175Wt
82 Bipolar Power Supply-Amplifier +/-40V 5A 400W 30kHz  Programmable PBX40-5
83 Bird Trueline 4431 RF Power meter with 25-60 MHz slugs
84 BK Precision 1786B Programmable DC Power Supply 0-32V 0-3A 96Wt
85 BK1760 Three Output Lab Power Supply 2x(0-30V) 2A ea. Constant current 60V max
86 Boonton 57518 Peak Power Sensor and Cable
87 Boonton 72B Analog Capacitance Meter  1 MHz 1 to 3000 pF BNC input adapter
88 Bottle Cap Digital Torque Tester CTA12 with MARK-10 force guage
89 Broadband Light Source with Wave Amplifier EBS Laser MPB Technologies EBS Series
90 Broadband Noise Generator  100Hz-100MHz +10dBm Signal + Noise Output opt.
91 C Band Diode Laser 1445.73nm 290 mW Corning Lasertron CR1445010290S303
92 Cascade MicroTech ACP50 GSG 100 MicroProbe Air Coplanar RF microwave Probe
93 Cascade MicroTech ACP50W GSG 100 MicroProbe Air Coplanar RF microwave Probe
94 Coaxial Adapter 1.85 mm V conn DC-65GHz ,F-F 1.5 Anritsu 34VFVF50 Cal Cert
95 Coaxial Adapter 1.85 mm V conn , DC-65 GHz M-M 1.5 Anritsu 34VV50 Cal Cert
96 Coaxial Adapter 70 GHz 1.85mm M-M  Anritsu 33VV50C V conn. Calibration Cert.
97 Coaxial Adapter DC to 43.5 GHz 50 Ω V(m)-K(f) ,1.5 Anritsu 34VKF50 Cal Cert
98 Coherent 530 nm Laser System 330 mW max output COMPLETE Sapphire PC control
99 Despatch Convection Oven 1 cubic foot  500 deg F 260 deg C 1000W LAC1-10-4
100 Differential Oscilloscope Probe 200 MHz  HP 1141A
101 Digital Double-speed Black-and-white Camera Keyence CV-035M
102 Digital Radio LTE Test Set 6 GHz 2×2 MIMO Call Box Fading Protocol 2nd carrier
103 DPSK Demodulator 65GHz C Band NIB, O-Net Communications 1DP-650000-01A
104 Dual output 300 MHz Pulse Generator HP8130A opt 002  1nS Transition, GPIB
105 ENI 510L Wide Band Power Amplifier 1.7 to 500MHz, 9.5W linear  40dB
106 ESD Generator 25kV Human discharge model probe  Variable pulse rates
107 Fiber Control MPC1-02 Polarization Controller SOP Scrambler Dual Channel
108 Fiber Optic Attenuator 15dB 1310 nm to 1580 nm SC/PC AFOP 754-4615-5SE03
109 Fiber Optic Detector Diode 1558nm JDSU HRB 300 HRS SD2
110 Fiber Optic Detector JDSU Uniphase ETX 300 HRS SD2
111 Fiber-Optic Receiver 500-1630 nm 12 GHz FC Singlemode  with power cable
112 Fixed Attenuator DC to 60 GHz 20dB 2W Anritsu 41V-20  with Calibration Cert.
113 Fluke 45 Dual Display DMM ,10 uV resolution optional GPIB interface
114 Fluke 54200 Multiformat Video Generator NTSC/PAL/SECAM Loaded
115 FLUKE 6062A Synthesized Signal Generator 100 kHz-2100 MHz opt 830
116 Fluke 8050A 4.5 Digit DMM
118 Fluke 8842A Multimeter ,PASS CALIBRATION,opt 05, 09 AC & GPIB
119 Forced Air Temperature Cycling Temptronic TPO4000A-1B21-2 Thermal Inducing Syste
120 GGB Picoprobe Probe Card & RF Probes 40 GHz IC die testing 3.5 mm Female
121 Gigatronics 900 Synthesizer Signal Generator 0.05-18GHz  opt 6/8/5/16/C213
122 Ground Bonding Tester 35A for BSI, VDE, IEC Standards CABLE INCLUDED ROD-L M35
123 Haefely Surge Burst Test System 4kV COMPLETE &
124 High Power Fiber-Coupled Diode Pump Laser 140 Watt 925 nm JDSU ST-925B
125 High Power RF Amplifier 8-12.4 GHz 20W  40dB Gain Varian VZX6981K1J X-band
126 High Power RF Attenuator DC – 4 GHz 100W 30dB  C Band Response Plot incl. “N”
127 High Power RF Attenuator DC – 8.5 GHz 100Wt 40dB “N” Aeroflex Weinschel 73-40-34
128 High Speed Camera Vision Research Phantom V4.2
129 High Voltage Electronic Load 400V DC max 750W 15A PC Programmable
130 High Voltage Electronic Load AC-DC 500V 1800W 6A Programmable High Resolution
131 High Voltage Lab Power supply 1000V 30mA BERTAN 225-01R Reversible Polarity GPIB
132 High Voltage Oscilloscope Probe 2500V 250MHz  Tektronix P5100
133 HP / Agilent 81521B Optical Head Sensor  +27 to -70dBm 900 to 1700nm
134 HP 3245A High Resolution Signal source  DC-1MHz, 0.5uV resolution
135 HP 3458A with Option 001 CALIBRATED,8 1/2 digit 0.0008% DCV accy 100k meas/sec
136 HP 3585B Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer 0.1Hz Resolution  READ DESCRIPTIO
137 HP 4155A COMPLETE & CALIBRATED, Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer SPA +/-100V
138 HP 4194A 40MHz Impedance Analyzer CALIBRATED 100MHz Gain/Phase
139 HP 5087-7017 Amplifier Modulator Doubler for 83630L 83640L 83650L
140 HP 5316B Universal Frequency Counter 100 MHz 25mV sensitivity 2 ch.
141 HP 5335A Universal Counter 200 MHz
142 HP 5386A 10Hz to 3 GHz Frequency Counter Programmable PC interface
143 HP 54120A Sampling Oscilloscope
144 HP 54123T 34 GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope COMPLETE,TDR measurements
145 HP 54520A 500MHz 500MSa/s 2 Channel DSO
146 HP 54540A 500MHz Oscilloscope 2 working channels.
147 HP 54600B Oscilloscope
148 HP 59501A Relay for HP 603xA Output ON-OFF Control  DC Load Disconnect
149 HP 6035A Variable DC Power Supply  0 to 500V, 0 to 5A, 1000W Programmable
150 HP 6236B Lab Power Supply 3 output  0-6V 0-2.5A 0 to +/-20V 500mAx2 Track
151 HP 6268B Power Supply FULLY  1200W  0 to 40V, 0- to 30A DC
152 HP 6269B 2000W 0-40V 0-50A  Adjustable DC Power Supply 208/230 VAC
153 HP 6483C 600V DC 15A Power Supply  400VDC @ 25A 10000Watt 10kW 3 Phase AC
154 HP 6542A Precision Power Supply FULLY  1mV and 1mA resolution
155 HP 6654A 60 Volt Programmable Lab Power Supply  0-9A constant current GPIB
156 HP 6674A Programmable DC Power Supply 0-60 V 35 A  @ MAX Pwr: 2100W GPIB
157 HP 6811B AC Power Source & Analyzer  300Vrms 375VA Harmonics THD AC+DC PWR
158 HP 70340A Synthesized Signal Generator 1 – 20 GHz,1 Hz Resolution -90 to +13 dBm
159 HP 71910A Wide Band Surveillance Receiver, Spectrum Analyzer 26.5GHz 1Hz Resolut
160 HP 8015A 50 MHz Dual Output Pulse Generator Programmable Burst option 10V p-pk
161 HP 8156A Optical Attenuator 1310nm – 1550nm Angled Connectors FC/PC Programmable
162 HP 83440C Lightwave Detector  with HP87421 power supply. 20GHz 1300/1550nm
163 HP 83525A Sweep Oscillator plug-in  10 MHz -8.4 GHz +13 dBm Programmable
164 HP 83592A Sweep Oscillator Plug-in 10MHz to 20GHz RF Generator
165 HP 8447D Wide Band Amplifier 0.1-1300 MHz 26 dB Gain  BNC Connectors
166 HP 8484A RF Power Sensor 18 GHz  -70 dBm to -20 dBm HP436A, 437A, 438A
167 HP 85052D Calibration Kit DC to 26.5 GHz 3.5 mm INCOMPLETE for HP Agilent VNAs
168 HP 8546A EMI Receiver 9kHz-6.5GHz
169 HP 85660B Spectrum Analyzer Measuring Unit  For HP8566B
170 HP 8566B Spectrum Analyzer 100 Hz to 22 GHz  Complete System w/ Cables
171 HP 8614A Signal Generator 0.8-2.4GHz, +10dBm (10mW) max power
172 HP 8722A 40 GHz Network Analyzer VNA  Two port S parameters
173 HP 8757D Scalar Network Analyzer  opt 001, 002 4 Channel w/ a Cal source
174 HP 8757E Scalar Network Analyzer  Transmission, Reflection, Gain measurem
175 HP 8970B 2GHz Noise Figure Meter & 18 GHz Noise Source  Amp gain measurm.
176 HP Agilent Keysight 84904K OEM Labeled 33324K Programmable Step Attenuator
177 HP E1413C A/D with E1501A x8 Input modules,For VXI system DAQ A/D Converter
178 HP E3615A Lab Power Supply  0 to 20V, 3A Hires V/A meters Parallel/Series
179 HP E4432B EG-D Digital RF Signal Generator 3 GHz  1E5/H99/UN5/UN8/UND/201
180 HP E5574A Optical Analyzer Opt 015 022 IL/PDL/CR/SR/EL/DIR/PDCR/PDEL/PDSR TESTED
181 HP E7350A Test Heads Set 110 GHz E7352R E7352L For Agilent 8510FX mm Wave Contrl
182 HP N6456A Rack Mount Kit for InfiniiVision 2000 & 3000 X-Series Oscilloscopes
183 HP3458A Digital Multimeter FRESH CALIBRATION WITH DATA Firmware: 8.2
184 HP4140A picoAmp, I-V, C-V  MOSFET leakage Gate capacitance meter with GPIB
185 HP4156A HP4155A Original Display   Sony CHM-7501-00 / HP 2090-0210
186 HP4191A Impedance Analyzer Test Kit HP16094A HP16091A Terminations, Accessories
187 HP4191A Impedance Calibration Kit: Load Open Short 04191-85300, 04191-85301/909C
188 HP53310A Frequency Domain Time Interval Analyzer 2.5 GHz  opt 030 3rd CH.
189 HP8564E 9kHz to 40GHz Spectrum Analyzer
190 HP8591E Spectrum Analyzer Self-Cal Pass, option 041
191 HP8657B Synthesized RF Signal Generator  options 001,003 ,Pulse modulation
192 HP8720B HP8510C HP8720C HP8722C Original Display  HP 2090-0210
193 HP8753D HP8753C Original  Display Sony CHM-7501-00 / Agilent HP 2090-0210
194 HP8757E HP8757C HP8757D Display  HP 2090-0210 Sony CHM-7501-00
195 HP8970A & Anritsu N346B Noise Meter & Noise Source 18 GHz ENR measurm.
196 Instek AGG-2012 12 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator USB programmable 10V p-pk
197 JDSU Fiber Laser Test Set BBS EDFA  +22dBm 1550nm 0-60dB MAP+2B0
198 JDSU ONT-603 Optical Network Tester 10 Gbit & 10 Gbit Jitter
199 KEITHLEY 197  Accurate 1milliOhm Resolution 1uV to 1000V 100kHz True RMS
200 Keithley 197A 5.5 digit DMM  1milOhm Resolution True RMS 100kHz Decibels
201 Keithley 480 DC Picoammeter  0.01nA to 1mA
202 Keithley 6514 Electrometer  triax test cable
203 Keithley 7071-4 Dual 4×12 Matrix Card for Keithley 707A and 708A
204 Krohn-Hite 5400B Function Generator 5mHz to 5MHz  30V p-pk 70dB attenuator
205 Lab Power supply 0 to 75 V 0-8 A 600 Watt  Low Noise Constant current USA
206 Lab Power Supply 0-30V 0-3A 90 W  Constant current or voltage TOPWARD 3603
207 Laser Range Finder Advantage R Laser Atlanta.
208 Laser Transmitter 1500MB/s, 1310nm  Analog or Digital Input 1.5GHz
209 LeCROY 9112 Dual Arbitrary Function Generator  with 9100/CP Controller.
210 LeCroy 9310L 300MHz DSO 2Ch, 1Mps per channel  With probes
211 LeCroy WL600 Differential Probe with ACCESSORIES. D600ST head For Wavemaster
212 Lecroy WR64Xs WaveSurfer 600 MHz Oscilloscope
213 Lens Kit 25mm diam. PCX, DCX, PCV, & DCV Edmund Scientific 24 lenses
214 Li-ion & NiMh Battery Analyzer 220W  Programmable Full Cycle Testing Cadex
215 Line Impedance Stabilization Network LISN 50-400Hz 270V 50uHw/250uH 24A Solar El
216 Mixer Assembly for Tek 492, 494, 496, 2754 Series Spectrum Analyzers 119-1017-01
217 Narda 4428C-2 Power Divider  10-45 GHz
218 National Instruments PXI-5404 Frequency Source  100MHz Sig Generator
219 Newport 1935-C Optical Power Meter
220 Newport 94011A Solar Simulator 1.5×1.5″ Class A Spectral Perform ASTM E927-10
221 NI USB-6259 Multifunction I/O USB Power Supply INCLUDED, National Instruments
224 Optical Fiber Amplifier C-Band +21dBm 1480-1620nm Bookham MBC-2FDJ57
225 OPTRONICS LABORATORIES OL 730-InGaAs Photo Detector. 0.8 – 1.8 µm, 800-1800 nm
226 Oscilloscope AC Current Probe  Tektronix P6016 50 Hz to 20MHz 15A peak
227 Philips PM2813/213 Power Supply  , Tripple output. Programmable High res
228 Philips PM5418TDS Multisystem Video Generator PAL/SECAM/NTSC SOUND TELETEXT
229 Picoprobe DC to 40 GHz 25 to 2540 micron GGB Industries 40A-GS-450-P Wafer Die
230 PicoProbe GGB Industries MCW-13-4019-M4 Wafer Die Multicontact wedge probe
231 Piezosystems Jena NV40/3  Cables included 3 channel Piezo Controller USB
232 Portable Helium Leak Detector Veeco MS-40
233 Power Amplifier 1000 to 2000 MHz 30Wt 45dB Gain  L Band GPIB i/o ARD1929
234 Precision DC Power Supply 0 – 20V 500mA 10mV resolution  Power Design 2005
235 Precision DC Power Supply 0 – 50V 0-2A 10mV step size  Power Design 5020
236 Programmable lab Power supply 0 – 20V 40A  LAMBDA ZUP20-40 Constant curr
237 Programmable Source Measuring Unit +/-15V 4A Pulse Measuring, Sweep, 10uV & 10nA
238 QUADTECH SENTRY 30 5kV/6kV Hipot tester Insulation Test 1kV 1000Meg
239 R&S FSIQ 26 Signal Spectrum Analyzer 26.5GHz  20 Hz to 26.5 GHz range
240 R&S SMA100A Signal Generator 9KHz to 3GHz  Clock Synthesis Rohde Schwarz
241 Racal EADS 1256 VXI Chassis
242 Recirculating Chiller Bay Voltex MCLT050-E1E2K10 Tecumseh AJA2422ZXAXB 2D256-9
243 RF Amplifier 18 GHz to 34 GHz 17dB Gain @ 34 GHz +17dBm output MIL Spec product
244 RF Cable 10ft long 13.5 GHz Phase stable  SMA M-M Flexco FC182 type
245 RF Cable 40 GHz K conn.  1 meter 2.92 mm M-M Tektronix 174-6793-00 Deskew
246 RF Multiport Switch/Multiplexer DC – 3 GHz Pushbutton Dual 1×8 NARDA 8 port SMA
247 RF Power Amplifier 1-500 MHz 2Wt 40dB Gain  US MADE ENI 503L replacement
248 RF Power Amplifier 6 to 18 GHz 4 Wt (36dBm) 40 dB gain @ 18 GHz X Band Ku Band
249 RF Power Amplifier C Band 5.85 to 6.425 GHz 50W Gain: 65dB  Solid state
250 RF Power Amplifier C Band 50W @ 4GHz Gain: 63 dB , Hughes 1631HA TWT
251 RF Power Sensor Millitech 33 to 50 GHz for HP 432A Meter WR-22 10uW-10mW Q-Band
252 RF Preamp 1 MHz to 1000 GHz 32dB Gain  +7dBm Com-Power PA-102
253 RF Sweep Generator 2-26.5 GHz  +13 dBm output Wiltron 6653A PLL lockable
254 RFL 912 Gaussmeter Magnetometer and Probe  AC-DC & Peak 10mG to100kG
255 Rohde & Schwartz FSH3 Spectrum Analyzer 100kHz-3GHz R&S FSH3 Handheld Color LCD
256 Rohde & Schwarz FSU8 20 Hz to 8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer 1Hz resolution Opt K5 K72
257 Schaffner NSG 2050 4kV Power line Transient Generator with plug-in
259 Solar Cell 0.5V 1A 0.5Wt 70x35mm 250 pcs NEC
260 Sorensen DCS100-10E Power Supply 0 – 100V 0 -10A LOAD  1000Wt 1U height DC
261 Sorensen HPD 15-20 High Power Lab DC Power Supply 0-15V 20A 300Wt
262 Spread Spectrum Generator BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK (SQPSK), Burst, PN  Wave LRS100
263 Standard Capacitor General Radio GR1403-K 1.0 pF, 0.1%
264 Stanford Research 30MHz Synthesized Waveform Generator  High Stability opt
265 Stanford Research SR510 Lock-in Amplifier  100kHz Programmable 1nV sensiti
266 Synthesized RF Signal Generator 0.1 – 990MHz  HP8656B Option 002 +13dBm
267 Synthesized Signal Generator 1MHz to 4000MHz High Power +15dBm Sweep Eaton 380 K
268 Synthesized Signal Generator HP 8672A  2 GHz to 18 GHz -110 to +10 dBm
269 Tabor Electronics 8026 20 MHZ Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
270 Tabor Electronics 8551 50 MHZ Pulse Function Generator
271 TEKTRONIX 012-1220-00 PLUG-IN Extender  for SD-24/26/32 sampling heads
272 Tektronix 11801C Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
273 Tektronix 1741C Waveform Vector Monitor with Video  NTSC/PAL SC/H R-Y RGB
274 Tektronix 2225 50MHz Oscilloscope Bright CRT, PROBES
275 Tektronix 2430A Oscilloscope ALL TESTS & SELF CAL PASS
276 Tektronix 2465A 350MHz Oscilloscope with CT option  Counter/Timer & GPIB
277 Tektronix 2465A 350MHz Oscilloscope with Probes
278 Tektronix 2710 Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator  10kHz to1.8GHz
279 Tektronix 400MHz DSO TDS460A Oscilloscope  ,opt 1M, 1F, 13
280 Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer with Computer Interface
281 Tektronix 80E03 Sampling module  for TDS/CSA8000 series scopes/analyzers
282 Tektronix AFG2020 100MHz Programmable Arbitrary Waveform Generator  GPIB
283 Tektronix CSA8200 Analyzer  Sampling oscilloscope for 80E0X Plug-ins
284 Tektronix DPO7104 1 GHz 4 chan DSO Jitter measurement option DJA
286 Tektronix K420 Instrument Cart Top Shelf 19.8 inches wide
287 Tektronix Oscilloscope Current probe 100MHz 20A  A6312 AM503A TM502A ac-dc
288 Tektronix P6248 1.7 GHz Differential Oscilloscope Probe  Accessories
289 Tektronix P6434 34CH High Density Logic Analyzer Probe with Leads
290 Tektronix P6463 16 Channel Pattern Generator Probe
291 Tektronix PB200  200MB/s Generator and Receiver Microwave Logic BERT
292 Tektronix SD-26 Sampling Head  For 11801A//C series oscilloscopes
293 Tektronix SD-32 Sampling Head  for Tektronix 11801A/B/C oscilloscope 40GHz
294 Tektronix TDS2024B 200 MHz DSO 2GS/s 4 Chan Oscilloscope ,USB Color LCD
295 Tektronix TDS420A Oscilloscope  different configurations are available
296 Tektronix TDS694C 3 GHz DSO UPGRADED Optional long memory FFT HDD LCD 10GS/s USA
297 Tektronix TDS744A FULLY  Upgraded to an LCD. Opt 1M, 1F, 2F, 13. SPC PASS
298 Tektronix TDS754D Oscilloscope  Options 1M, 2F, 13, 1F
299 Tektronix TDS784A 1GHz DSO 4 channel Extended mem. option GREAT CONDITION Color
300 Tektronix TLA7016 Logic Analyzer TLA7AA4 Modules
301 Tektronix TLA7SA16 Logic Protocol Analyzer Module
302 Tektronix TSG131A PAL Video Generator with Sound  opt. 3 (Audio)
303 Tescom TC-3000C Bluetooth Analyzer Generator opt 30 Protocol LMP HCI SDP L2CAP
304 TOPWARD 3603D Lab Power Supply 0 to 60VDC, 0 to 3A  Constant current mode
305 Transistor Devices DLVP50-300-3000A Electronic Load 3000Wt 300A 50V Pulse/CC/R
306 Tunable Laser +10dBm power 1568 – 1607 nm ITLA Bookham TL5000VCJ. PC Interface
307 U2T Finisar 43 Gb/s Photoreceiver High gain S, C, L band 30GHz BW O/E converter
308 Universal AC POWER SOURCE 1000VA 0 – 300V 45-500Hz Adjustable Power Factor meter
309 Variable Optical Attenuator VOA-1133-AL149 AFOP 30dB 1290 nm to 1610 nm
310 Velonex 510 Surge Transient Generator Inject up 2.5kV interference into AC mains
311 Velonex V-2980 Surge Coupling Isolation Network with Cable for 587 generator
312 Voltech PM1000 AC Power Analyzer  Up to 700V, 15A
Wideband Power Amplifier 0.5-450 MHz 2Wt 40dB Gain
314 Wiltron 54107A Scalar Network Analyzer  1MHz-1500MHz Sweep source. opt. 05
315 Wiltron 560-7A50 18GHz Detector for Anritsu Scalar Network Analyzers
316 Wiltron 560-7N50B 20GHz Detector for Anritsu Scalar Network Analyzers
317 Wiltron 560-7S50-2 26.5GHz Detector for Anritsu Scalar Network Analyzers
318 Wiltron 560-7S50-3 34.5GHz Detector for Anritsu Scalar Network Analyzers
319 Xantrex XHR7.5-130 0 – 7.5V Adjustable DC Power Supply 130A 975Wt LOAD
320 Xantrex XPR600-10 DC Power Supply 0 to 600 Volts 10 Amp  6 kW 3 phase AC
321 Yokogawa WT210 Power Analyzer AC/DC 600V rated Harmonics Option

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