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The following Semiconductor Equipment are only for end user. Please contact us if you have any questions. Subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

Location: Asia

1 Disco Dicing Saw DFD641
2 Disco Dicing Saw DFD640
3 Disco Dicing Saw DFD620
4 Disco Dicing Saw DAD695
5 Disco Dicing Saw DAD681
6 Disco Dicing Saw DAD522
7 Disco Dicing Saw DAD521
8 Disco Dicing Saw DAC551
9 Disco Dicing Saw DAD341
10 Disco Dicing Saw DAD2H/6T
11 Disco Dicing Saw DAD2SP/6T
12 Disco Laser Saw DFL-7340
13 TECDIA Breaker TEC1018AR
14 QMC Laser Saw SLS-200
16 Disco Polisher DFP8140
17 Nomura CO2 Bubbler NDB-Ⅱ
18 Nomura CO2 Bubbler NDB-3
19 Disco Chiller DTU150
20 Disco Chiller DTU151
21 Disco Chiller DTU152
22 Disco Chiller DTU1531
23 DAWON Chiller DLC-1500
24 DSSEMICON Tape Mounter SWWMDS-8
25 NITTO Tape Mounter MSA840
26 Takatori Tape Remover ATRM2100
27 Engis Lapping EJW4601FNCR
28 NTS Lapping NTFM-460FND
29 SPEEDFAM Lapping 9B-5L
30 SPEEDFAM Lapping 6B
31 ALPHA Lapping ADG-400 6B
32 Engis Lapping EJ380IN
33 Logitech Lapping PM45
34 MUSASHINO Lapping MA-4000
35 DSSEMICON Scriber DS141R
36 TCS Polisher TSL305-2P
37 Thermco Systems Furnace system 2410
38 West Bond Wire Bonder 7416A-12-26-45J-66
39 Hwail Air Dryer HT-20
40 Anest Iwata Compresser SLPS-150B
41 GSA Ar Dryer
42 SIN KANG ArTank SAV-00500-P098
43 NA Air Press(Tall)
44 NA Air Press(Short)
45 NTI Desiccator 5-stage
46 NTI Desiccator 2-stage
47 Thermo Freezer
48 SSAUL BESTECH Cut Off M/C Best1 T200
49 ULTRON UV Curte UH117
50 DSSEMICON UV Curte Box Type
51 DSSEMICON UV Curte Belt Type
52 DSSEMICON Wafer Expander Ring Expander
53 Olympus Microscope STM-6LM
54 Olypmus Microscope STM
55 Nikon Microscope SMZ645
56 LEICA Microscope INM20
57 Nikon Microscope ECLIPSE L200
58 Nikon Microscope SMZ645
59 Nikon Measurement VMR3020
60 Orion Microscope OSM-1
61 Zygo Microscope Newview100
62 Union Microscope Examet
63 Union Microscope Tokyo
64 Nanmospec Film Thickness Nanometrics210
65 CyberScan LASER MEASUREMENT Vantage
66 Roche PCR/RT-PCR Unit MagNA Pure LC2.0
67 Pams Plate Roller

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