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Hitachi S-4800 II

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Model: Hitachi S-4800 SEM, FE-SEM, Hitachi Microscope S-4800 FE-SEM Stage II

Location: USA.

S-4800 Brochure: Link

S-4800 Photos: Download

Condition: This unit has all of it’s PM from 2004-2022. It comes from a working environment. We sell it at AS IS WEHRE IS or Complete, Working, Functional test.

  • Options:
    • Stage Control [TYP 2] Ver 5.06
    • Trackball
    • Video Amp
    • DecelerationRS232C Interface
    • Transmitted Electron Detector
  • Options:
    • Stage Control [TYP 2] 5 Axis
    • Trackball
    • Video Amp
    • DecelerationRS232C Interface
  • Accessory: DEBEN Chamberscope
  • E. Development BackScatter detector
  • Oxford X-MAX
  • Hitachi STEM detector
  • Window 10 Operating System- Upgraded on 9/23/2020
  • Manuals are included

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