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Available LAM Research Electrostatic Chuck OEM Part Numbers:

  • 718-092326-061,
  • 718-092326-081,
  • 718-094523-261,
  • 718-094523-281,
  • 718-094756-061,
  • 718-094756-081

Lam Research 4400, 4420, 9400 & 9600 reactors & Metal Plasma Etch & Poly Nitride Plasma Etch Reactors
Monopolar ESC, Electrostatic chuck, ESC Plasma Etch, Metal Plasma Etch, Poly Nitride Plasma Etch 9400 & 9600, Backside Helium Cooling, Anodized Aluminum ESC (Electrostatic Chuck), 150mm ESC, 200mm ESC

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