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The following AMAT Parts are only for end user. Please contact us if you have any questions. Subject to prior sale without notice. Appreciate your time!

  1. AMAT 0020-35611 Ceramic Screw
  2. AMAT  0015-20035 Screw Insulator
  3. AMAT 0020-27116 Screw Pin Mod DC Bias Shutter
  4. AMAT 0020-20126 DC BIAS Stand Off
  5. AMAT Screw Isolator DC Bias 0020-21366
  6. AMAT Insolator MOD DC Bias Dura TTN Shut
  7. AMAT Lift Pin For TINCVD
  8. AMAT Insulator Lift Washer 0020-20522
  9. AMAT Pumping Screw
  10. AMAT Padcon Arm Cover
  11. AMAT Ball Sleeve 0015-77087
  12. AMAT Rotation motor for Pad Conditioner 12″ 0190-77015
  13. AMAT Sweep motor for Pad Conditioner 12″ 0190-77016
  14. AMAT Sensor for Pad Conditioner 12″ 0190-77034
  15. AMAT Leveling Tool
  16. AMAT Chamber Lid O-Ring
  17. AMAT Cable Assy Lift Heater
  18. AMAT Flexure, Gimbal, Pad Conditioner, Polish 0021-87359
  19. AMAT Lift Pin 0200-03314
  21. AMAT Counter weight for BIG FOOT 0200-06842
  22. AMAT Lock pin for BIG FOOT 0200-06702
  23. AMAT Pin for BIG FOOT 0200-06840
  24. AMAT Monifl Ring
  25. AMAT Gas Tube
  26. AMAT GT Arm Tubing Bracket
  27. AMAT Pad Conditioner Shaft
  28. AMAT Dead-Leg Tool for Producer
  29. AMAT GT Pad Conditioner Cover
  30. AMAT Producer Ni Tube
  31. AMAT LK Pad Conditioner Arm Cover
  32. AMAT LK TSDA Slurry arm
  33. AMAT LK Cross End Shield Plate (Coating)
  34. AMAT CMP LK Cover
  35. AMAT Locator, Reflexion & LK CMP 12″
  36. AMAT Reflexion Spindle Plate Coating

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