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Electroglas 4090u+ Wafer Probe

Electroglas 4090u+ (Electroglas 4090u plus, Electroglas 4090 u+)

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Electroglas 4090u+ Wafer Probe

Category:  Prober

Original Equipment Manufacturer: Electroglas

Condition: Used, Complete, working condition.   

Valid Time: Subject to prior sale

Location: Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.A.

Installation and training: Available at extra charge

Service Contract: Available at extra charge


Electroglas 4090u+ (Electroglas 4090u plus, Electroglas 4090 u+)
– Operating System: Win 2000
– Probe Card Holder: Rectangular
– Power Supply: 110VAC
– EGCMD 9.2.1 SP5
– Chuck Type: Nickel
– Clean Type: Aux Pad
– Monitor: LCD
– Hot Chuck

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